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Ligue 1: the elite championship of French men's football.

The Uber Eats Ligue 1 is the professional football championship where the level is the highest in France. Formerly called "National Division" in 1932, then "Division 1" in 1972, Ligue 1 has been called that since 2002. Mainly sponsored by Conforama for a few seasons now, it bears the name of this sponsor in its official title and on its official logo.
Ligue 1 is made up of 20 French teams competing in first and second leg matches from August to May-June. The championship is composed of 38 days so that the 20 clubs can play all the other clubs twice, once at home in their own stadium and once away in the opposing team's stadium.
Until 1945, the championship was still organised by the FFF, but since then the Professional Football League has taken over. All the clubs in this championship are professional. The two clubs finishing 19th and 20th in the championship are automatically relegated to the lower division, Ligue 2. The 18th will have to play a play-off match against the Ligue 2 club qualified and applying for a place in the play-offs. As for the top of the ranking, the 1st in the ranking wins the title of "Champion of France" and the clubs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place are eligible for qualification in the European Cups, which are the Champions League and the Europa League.
Major clubs regularly share these first places and fight each season to win the supreme national title.
Over the history of this championship, several major French clubs have distinguished themselves by their performances.

Which Ligue 1 football shirt should I buy?

In this category dedicated to the football shirts of the Ligue 1 clubs, we propose you to find all the clubs of the French championship through their various shops and products offered. You will find all the official collections of your favorite club, whether they are training outfits with training-tops, pants, shorts, tracksuits, lifestyle outfits with sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants or even match outfits with football shirts, football shorts and football socks.

Soccer shirts from Paris Saint Germain

PSG is the club in the capital. Real league leaders over the last decade, Paris Saint-Germain hold the longevity record in Ligue 1 with 45 consecutive seasons in the elite division, i.e. since the 1974-75 season without going down once in Ligue 2. Incredible performances thanks to fervent supporters, great managers and above all great players. PSG has won a total of 8 French Championships.

This season PSG wears 4 shirts on the fields. The home shirt has a vertical red stripe surrounded by two vertical white stripes, centered on the front of the shirt. The shirt is blue and thus takes up the traditional colours of the club of the capital of France. It is available on Foot-store in short sleeves and long sleeves, for adults and children. The outer shirt is more surprising as it is bright red, with details in black, such as the Jordan and PSG logos, or the V-neck and the short sleeve ends. This shirt is one of the trendy "Jordan" outfits. The third shirt is very popular with fans as it is inspired by the 90's with this totally retro look. The main colour of the shirt is white, and has two red and blue stripes aligned with the club logo. The Nike logo is vintage as it features the writing "Nike" on top of the Swoosh. Finally, the special and most recent shirt of PSG this 2019/20 season is this fourth shirt, in this sober black colour, presenting in a centred way 3 vertical stripes representing the French flag, blue, white and red. This last shirt is also a Jordan shirt rather than a Nike shirt. All these shirts proposed on Foot-store are available in the high range Vapor, with its fitted cut and advanced technology (more breathable, lighter) and in the Replica range, also called Stadium. All these tunics are the official shirts of the Parisian club.

Olympique de Marseille football shirts

L'OM are PSG's number one rival club, based in Marseille. The emblematic club of the Ligue 1 championship, Olympique de Marseille hold the record for the most seasons played in the top flight with 69 appearances, three more than Girondins de Bordeaux, AS Saint-Etienne and FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. That's just 2,436 matches played in the elite of French football. These remarkable performances can be explained by the many great players who have worn the Marseille shirt, these great leaders but also the incredible fervour of the Marseille fans, who always come in large numbers to support OM at the Velodrome stadium.

This season, as has been the case since its inception, OM will be wearing a white home shirt, complete with white shorts and sky blue football socks. This shirt features thin vertical sky blue stripes all over the shirt, but all separated by about 10 cm from each other. This V-neck shirt is available in junior as well as adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and features the two sky blue OM and Puma logos on a white background. The Uber Eats sponsor logo is placed in the centre of the shirt. The outer shirt of the Marseilles club is entirely sky blue, with a round collar and white details that make this shirt very elegant. The Uber Eats sponsor, the Puma and OM logos and the collar are all white. Finally, the third shirt of the Marseilles club is completely black with some touches of orange on the logos. This shirt has the sponsor in white like the outer shirt and a V-neck like the home shirt. All these tunics are the official shirts of the Marseille club available on Foot-store. We even offer you the possibility to flock your football shirts with the names of your favorite players using the official flocking, or to flock your shirt with your name using the personalized flocking. You also have the possibility to add the badges of the different competitions played by OM this 2019/20 season.

Olympique Lyonnais football shirts

L'OL is clearly the biggest French club of the early 2000s, having won 7 consecutive French championship titles. Those golden years for Lyon have put the club back into Ligue 1 history. An entire generation has been carried and rocked by this incredible generation of Olympique Lyonnais. Every season, the OL plays the leading roles in Ligue 1 and meets big clubs in the Champions League.

For this new 2019/20 season, full of goals, the Lyon club presents 3 new football shirts. The home shirt of the OL this season is entirely white with some touches of blue and red. First of all, the adidas and club logos, with their dominance of blue, stand out easily from this sublime tunic. The short sleeves of this shirt have red and blue details to stylize the sleeves. The collar is a polo neck with a button to adjust the shirt's closure around the neck. The Hyundai logo is blue and centered in the middle of the shirt. The outer shirt is predominantly blue, with a V-neck and a white adidas logo. The Hyundai sponsor logo is here in white. Finally, the third shirt of the OL has a round collar and is red with many blue effects throughout the tunic. The adidas logo is here in white.

AS Saint-Etienne football shirts

ASSE is a historic club in France. The Saint-Etienne club has built up a strong identity over the years, thanks to its traditional colours, which earned it the nickname "les Verts" (the Greens), and its many successes, particularly during the period 1963-1983. Over these 20 seasons, ASSE were champions 9 times! This glorious period allowed the club to be the most crowned club in the history of French football, with a total of 10 French Championship titles. L'OM with 9 titles, PSG, AS Monaco and FC Nantes with 8 titles follow him.

This season ASSE has 3 shirts, as usual mainly green. The home shirt designed by its French equipment manufacturer Le Coq sportif, is completely green. It is worn by AS Saint-Etienne players with white shorts and green socks. The outer shirt has a round collar, and is mostly white, although a large area at the top of the Greens' shirt is again covered in green. This shirt is worn with green shorts and white football socks. Finally, the third Saint-Etienne shirt is grey, which is much more neutral and therefore less like the club's image.