Soccer training equipment for amateur clubs

In this category you will find all the training equipment intended for amateur football clubs wishing to equip themselves and develop their sessions: cones and studs, hurdles and hoops, dummies, electronic equipment, muscle reinforcement, ball inflation.

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Are you a club owner or manager looking for the right equipment to introduce and develop your players? You're in luck. We offer you a wide selection of inexpensive training equipment, developed by the biggest brands in the field.

Training equipment for amateur clubs

For the initiation and the improvement of your future champions, think of equipping your club. Foot-store offers you a golden opportunity to get quality equipment without breaking the bank by offering you discounts on most of its articles. While browsing our site, you will find tools to work on different aspects of the game: dribbling, shooting, passing, etc. You will also find equipment dedicated to speed, agility, precision, endurance and muscle strengthening exercises. And to top it all offteau, these products come from the biggest brands in the world of soccer such asadidas, Nike, uhlsport, Puma, Tremblay CT, Umbro and Erima. As a team management specialist, you know better than anyone that training is the key to success. It is therefore imperative to work on all aspects, whether physical or technical, on an individual and especially collective level. By continuing your navigation, you will be able to discover a wide range of equipment with different colors to choose from at unbeatable prices .

Marking and delimitation tools

For all kinds ofreflex exercises and precision, we offer a wide selection of studs, cups, geometric markersom, milestones and dummies (steel or inflatable). These tools are very useful in the elaboration of a course, the delimitation of an area of the field, but especially to make simulations of real game situations.

Tactical boards

With one or two sides, these tactical boards are intended for the elaboration of game plans during trainings and matches. They are used with markers or magnetic pieces.

Equipment to work on agility, speed and power

Qualities that all good players must have, whether they are small or large, power, agility and speed are the attributes required to be able to dominate your direct opponents on the field. Materials are provided for this purpose:

  • Hurdles: designed to tone muscles and develop better explosiveness, they are available with different heights so as to vary the exercises and their intensities.

  • Agility ladders: they are very practical to work on footwork so that it is as fast as possible. They are also available with integrated mini hurdles for more lively exercises.

  • Training parachutes: offering a natural load by placing the player in front of the wind forces, they allow to improve speed. Made from high quality nylon, they are extremely durable and long lasting. You can choose from three different colors: blue, red and black.

Electronic devices

Designed to facilitate the work of players, coaches and referees, these devices are equipped with innovative technologies designed to provide precision for greater comfort and better performance. Among them, we can mention the :

  • Stopwatches :allowing to limit the duration of a game or a series of exercises and much more, they exist in several models, developed by Sporti France, Tremblay and Easy Timer,

  • Watches Garmin: dedicated to players, they integrate revolutionary functions such as the Applied Ballisticssoftware of the Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition, allowing to calculate aiming solutions for long range shots. There are also models that monitor your physical condition like the Gramin Vivosport watch and many others.

Wide selection of field equipment

A soccer field would be a vast expanse of insignificant grass without the equipment that goes with it. Foot-store met offers you a wide range of field equipment at unbeatable prices:

  • Goals: adapted to outdoor conditions thanks to a quality aluminum design, these goals are equipped with a system of sealing by sleeves, guaranteeing a maximum stability. They are available in mini format for the very young and for eight-a-side soccer for the older ones.

  • Touch shelters: made of light aluminum and plastic, these dismountable equipments are perfectly resistant to corrosion and have an optimal durability. They are easy to disassemble and move thanks to their lightness and a simple disassembly system.

  • Corner posts: sold in sets of 4, they are equipped with brightly colored flags for good visibility.

  • Wheelbarrows for tra&: equipped with wheels and handles for ease of use, these tools are equipped with a spray or roller system to ensure easy and accurate traçage on grassy areas.

Bags and luggage

For the transport of essential elements such as balls and removable goals, we provide you with spacious bags, made of high quality materials, guaranteeing excellent resistance to weight, abrasion and corrosion for maximum durability.