Soccer Cleats Puma Ultra

The Puma Ultra football boots is associated with speed. Let your speed speak for itself with this pair.

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Puma Ultra Football Shoe

This is the lightest football shoe available. It is a concentrate of technologies ready to make you run down the fields at full speed. Antoine Griezmann is the ambassador of the Puma Ultra range. Very recently, the international Kingsley Coman joined the Puma Ultra team!

Which players wear the Puma Ultra?

Puma football shoes are becoming more and more popular on the football field and the Puma Ultra has a lot to do with that. Sergio Aguero, Olivier Giroud, Romelu Lukaku and more recently Varane, Arsenal goalkeeper Leno or Kevin Prince Boateng. Since the arrival of Neymar Jr. at Puma, the German brand has exploded. Indeed, Puma Ultra are made for players looking for speed and absolute lightness.

What are the different ranges of the Puma Ultra?

Puma has four different ranges of studs depending on the different innovations incorporated into the shoe. The 1.1 range is the top of the range version of the Puma Ultra. It includes all of Puma's new technologies and is therefore more expensive. The mid-range versions are the Puma Ultra 2.2 for adults and 3.2 with a child version. They have less technology and the design of the 3.2 is slightly different from the 1.2 and 2.2. The entry level of the Puma Ultra is the 4.2 version, a model mainly aimed at children starting out in football.

The Puma Ultra is available in a variety of colours depending on the pack it comes in. All black with the Puma Eclipse pack or black and orange with the Puma Chasing Adrenaline pack, in Yellow with the Puma Game On Pack.

Puma Ultra for all types of surfaces

Leave your opponents on the edge of their seats on all types of pitches: dry natural grass with Puma Ultra FG/AG studs and or greasy grass with MxSG studs, for synthetic surfaces for Five-a-side or 5-a-side football, use Puma Ultra TT/TF or get Puma Ultra IT/IC football boots for futsal.

MATRYXEVO Technology

The MATRYXEVO technology allows for optimised support during movement thanks to highly reactive carbon threads. The explosiveness is therefore increased for explosive starts. This technology guarantees lightness of the cleats and allows players to have an incredible agility.


Because running fast is not enough. Puma has introduced CONTROLGRIP Pro in the Puma Ultra, which gives players optimal ball control to get the job done.


Acceleration and speed are the watchwords for the Puma Ultra. With its Peba SpeedUnit technology, inspired by the running shoes of sprinters, you can achieve dynamic acceleration.

Wide range at Foot-store

On Foot-store, we offer you this pair of cleats in many different colours, blue, black, orange or yellow so that you can wear them in your team colours. They are available in adult sizes 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 and above, as well as in children's sizes below 39. You can find this pair of football boots for all types of pitches, for dry ground, greasy ground, artificial ground or synthetic surface.