Soccer jerseys from PSG 2023-2024

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An ambitious club

The capital's club, PSG, has entered a new dimension since the arrival of Qatari investors in 2011. Six times French champions in eight seasons, Paris Saint-Germain have clearly established themselves as the best French club of 2010.

During this period, the club has invested many millions of euros in order to recruit international-level players, including Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Thiago Silva, Di Maria, Neymar and Mbappé, among others.

Having become number one at national level, PSG are now looking to establish themselves on the European stage and thus win the supreme European competition, the Champions League. In recent seasons, PSG have rubbed shoulders with Europe's biggest clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United, often without success.

PSG football shirts

The Parisian club wants to win it all every season. Fans, loyal to PSG, buy the club's football shirts every season in the hope that they will become mythical thanks to the team's success.

In its early days, until 1970, the Stade Saint-Germain played mainly in white. It was only after its merger with PFC that the shirts adopted the colours red and blue. Coq sportif, then the club's equipment supplier in the early 1970s, was able to offer the club several shirts changing from season to season, from round-necks to V-necks.

Then in 1973, the designer Daniel Hechter arrived at the club and designed a new shirt for the club. This shirt became a symbol of the club. Inspired by the Ajax shirt, this shirt consists of a wide vertical stripe in the middle of the front of the shirt, which is red in colour. Thin vertical white borders follow the outline of this thick vertical bar. The rest of the shirt is of course navy blue, while the shorts and socks are red. Over the years this shirt is replaced and modified, with narrower vertical stripes, colour inversions, etc. Francis Borelli was the first person to want to replace this Hechter shirt with a white tunic framed by red and blue stripes. Borelli's white shirt eventually took the place of Hechter's first shirt in the hierarchy as it became the club's first shirt in 1981, relegating Hechter's shirt to second place. In 1993, the white shirt was abandoned in favour of a return to much redder and bluer shirts, but the PSG shirt, which was then equipped by Nike, continued to change throughout the 1990s and 2000s, with more or less successful revivals appreciated by PSG fans. Between stripes, bars, stripes, red, white and blue, the club never stopped changing its shirts.

Recently, the club has made a lot of headlines with its trendy "Jordan" shirts. The Nike equipment manufacturer and the club from the capital wanted to give a more street and sportswear side to the Paris Saint-Germain's shirt collection. The first football club branded by Nike's American collection, PSG is making its mark on the world of football and above all unveiling a collection capable of appealing to a new foreign public in China, the USA and Japan. The Paris Saint-Germain logo is then replaced by a redesigned logo for this collection, changing the Eiffel Tower logo to a Jordan logo, simply for the short and long-sleeved shirts concerned.

This 2019/20 season marks the 30th season with Nike for PSG. The American equipment manufacturer has unveiled 4 shirts this season for the Parisian club. The PSG shirts all feature an embroidered patch, a standard fit and Nike Breathe fabric for the replica shirts and a fitted fit and Nike Vapor fabric for the authentic shirts. The shirts are made of 100% recycled polyester.
The home shirt features a thin central red stripe surrounded by similarly thin white stripes on a traditional navy blue background. The new club sponsor "Accor Live Limitless" is clearly visible in the centre of the shirt. The shirt is available in short sleeves, long sleeves, Vapor and Replica on Foot-store. The outer shirt is a Jordan shirt, so the Jordan logo replaces the Nike logo. Completely bright red, the shirt has black details, like on the end of the short sleeves or on the V-neck. The long-sleeved shirt offered on Foot-store does not have black details on the sleeve ends. The third shirt of the club is very appreciated by the Parisian fans. Its retro look, inspired by the 90's, features the vintage Nike logo, with the Nike writing in full letters above the swoosh.

The shirt is white and has two vertical red and blue stripes on the front of the shirt aligned with the Parisian club logo. Finally, the last shirt unveiled by Nike, is the fourth shirt of PSG, also available in stadium version or Vapor version on Foot-store. This shirt is, like the red outer shirt, all black with 3 colored stripes on the front of the shirt, centered. These 3 stripes form the French flag, with the blue, white and red colours of France. The goalkeeper's shirt is original as it is green with traces of blue colours. The PSG logo is well highlighted on this shirt. For goalkeepers, this shirt is logically proposed in long sleeves and with a resistant and breathable fabric to improve match performance. These shirts are available in all sizes on Foot-store, from S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and at unbeatable prices on the web. Foot-store is the reference shop for PSG's match wear and for the official and personalized flockings proposed on all the shirts of the Paris SG club.

Lifestyle Collection PSG X JORDAN

To the delight of Parisian fans, Nike and PSG have been unveiling new trendy lifestyle collections since the 2018/19 season. The desire of the club and the equipment manufacturer was to give a real sportswear and streetwear image to PSG. As a follow-up to the Jordan branded match shirts, Nike is inventing products in the colours of a PSG x Jordan branded collection, including sweatshirts, tracksuits, trousers, zip-up sweaters, t-shirts, hooded sweaters, jackets with or without hoods... Complete lifestyle collections entirely available on Foot-store. The passion for the club of Paris saint-Germain does not stop at the Parc des Princes grounds but extends well to the whole Parisian city.

Foot-store in Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, the Foot-store is very popular with PSG fans, because fans feel at home at 2 boulevard st-Martin 75010 PARIS. PSG fans can find all the club's football shirts, the flocking of the club's greatest players such as Mbappé, Cavani, Di Maria or Neymar, the lifestyle outfits or the tracksuits and other training outfits. The official flockings and personalized flockings are made right before your eyes in our flocking bar directly to the left of the entrance to the shop. A true sanctuary of the PSG, but not only because we offer shirts, outfits and equipment from all the clubs in our football shop. On the lower floor, we also offer customers the opportunity to discover all the latest pairs of football cleats and football boots out. The opportunity to get equipped like the greatest players of Paris, such as Mbappé, Icardi, Verratti, Marquinhos, Neymar JR or Cavani.