LOSC 2024/23 soccer shirts

All of them are on Foot-Store, and especially the shirts of the Ligue 1 clubs. Are you a Lille LOSC fan looking for the perfect jersey to support your favorite club? This is your lucky day. Foot-Store offers you a wide selection of cheap Lille football shirts, shorts, trousers, t-shirts and training gear, available in men's, women's and children's sizes.

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Are you afervent LOSC fan at Lille looking for the perfect piece to support your beloved club? Now's your chance. Foot-store offers you a vast selection ofmatchshirts, shorts, pants, t-shirts and training gear for the Great Dane atlow prices, inmen's, women's and children's sizes .

All LOSC shirts: a historic club

LOSC is a French soccer club founded in September 1944 under the nom of Stade lillois. It is the result of the fusion merger between two local teams,Olympique Lillois and SportingClub fivois, created in 1902 and 1901 respectively to form nom Lille Oympique Sporting Club (LOSC ). Winners of the premier French professional championship in 1933,Olympique Lillois passed on their legacy to LOSC and dominated the post-war France durant Championship. As a result, they won two Champion de France and five France Coupe titles in the space of ten years. Legendary players such asLechantre, Baratte, Bourbotte and Sommerlink played a key role. The club went through a difficult period from 1969 onwards, being relegated several times to the Second Division, and only regained its place in Ligue 1 in 2000, after being crowned champion D2 and regularly qualifying for the Champions League and Dollarspa League. However, they only fully regained their status on the French scene after winning both the French Championship and the French Cup France durant in the 2010-2011 season. Currently presided over by Olivier Létang and coached by Christophe Galtier, the club has seen a number of fine players pass through its ranks and contributed to their breakthroughs. These include Eden Hazard, one of the best left-wingers in the world's biggest soccer league, and Eder, the Portuguese international.

Lille Home jersey

Just entering the world of soccer, New Balance is of interest to the Lille club, which has become accustomed to creating partnerships with outfitters that usually operate outside this discipline. Criticized for its lack of taste in the early days, the brand did not make much of an impression with Lille fans. However, the brand later tried to make up for this by making a number of improvements to the following seasons' outfits. The brand-new Lille LOSC New Balance 2024/23 home jerseys are proof of this. Featuring a round neck and short sleeves, these official Great Dane match shirts feature thetraditional blue andred colorsof LOSC.

Outer jersey Lille

You'll also love this season's Lille OSC outdoor jerseys, designed for Lille's matches away from the Stade Pierre Mauroy. Featuring a predominantly black color scheme, embellished with white and red constellations, it promises "evenings of entertainment and excitement both on and off the pitch", as mentioned in the club's press release. Or the third jersey from Lille, available in white, with black, red and blue details. Offering men's, women's and children's models, this new met collection at ta offers a wide choice of colors and sizes to make you and your ta family happy. Each model proudly features the club, New Balance and sponsor logos on the front, for a 100% soccer look that reflects the team's image.

Shirts from previous seasons arealso available atspecial prices.

Training wear Lille Losc

Wear the best models of official Great Dane jerseys, shorts, T-shirts, pants and socks at all times to show your support for your favorite team.

Whether you're anexperienced player, an amateur or abeginner, a wide range ofhome/away jerseys, trainingwear t-shirts, shorts, pants and socks identical to those port worn by the Great Danes during all their matches and training sessions , atunbeatable prices. Proudly bearing the team colors, these garments are also perfect for supporting them in the stands or on the streets. Made from top-quality fabrics and featuring NBDry technology , they guarantee maximum comfort and optimum performance.