Soccer Cleats Puma

On Foot-store, we propose all the football boots of the Puma brand through the 2 big collections : Puma Future and Puma One.

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Which pair of soccer boots should you choose? Puma

Puma is one of Germany's leading soccer equipment manufacturers, forming an indisputable trio with its two competitors, Nike and adidas. Puma The company equips numerous clubs soccer teams across Dollarspe, including BVB, OM, Manchester City andAC Milan, as well as a host of national teams such as Italie and Suisse. The German equipment manufacturer is also well known for the many models of soccer boots it unveils each season for its most famous players under contract, such as Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez, Giorgio Chiellini and Kun Agüero, as well as for fans the world over. Puma offers two choices of soccer boots, both on sale at Foot-store. The first is Puma Future and the second is Puma One . Both models are available in many different ranges at a variety of prices, from 25&Dollars; to 200&Dollars;. All these pairs of soccer boots are available for all types of pitches on Foot-store: dry pitch FG, greasy pitch SG, synthetic pitch AG, synthetic surface TF or even indoor with the Indoor models.

Soccer shoe Puma Future

The Puma Future shoe has a very dynamic design, notably with its upper material made ofevoKNIT Pro, enabling the pair to adapt perfectly to the foot, since it will fit exactly to the shape of the wearer's foot . Whether you have thin or wide feet, this shoe adapts to all types of feet, making it of real interest to players complaining about not being able to find shoes because of their wide feet. Numerous versions have been unveiled of this pair of Puma Future shoes, but flexibility and comfort are always the top priorities. Foot-store offers a wide range of colors, including blue, red, green and, more recently, yellow. Puma Future soccer shoes replaced the evoPOWER at the end of 2017.

With the arrival of Neymar Jr at the end of 2020, Puma is launching the Puma Future Z with revolutionary new technologies. Dynamic Motion System technology improves agility and allows greater freedom of movement for more dynamic direction changes. It also features Nano Grip technology integrated into the sole for better cushioning and more optimal energy transmission. But that's not all! The Puma Future Z studs offer optimum comfort and support thanks to their FusionFit compression band. The ControlGrip Pro coating ensures exceptional ball control. The Future Z has everything you need to become a great soccer player like Neymar Jr, Aguero or Luis Suarez!

Puma Ultra soccer shoe

The Puma Ultra soccer shoe is made for players who love speed. It features RAPIDAGILITY Speed Unit technology, making it the lightest shoe available. What's more, Puma Ultra offers superior comfort for unsettling acceleration. The brand hasn't forgotten the most important thing: ball control, which often makes all the difference when running. Equipped with ControlGrip Pro, Ultra gives you the keys to making a difference in every action. port Designed for players ultra rapide , the Puma Ultra has been chosen by Antoire Griezmann and Sergio Aguero, among others.

Soccer shoe Puma One

The Puma One soccer shoe is designed for players who like to control the game and keep possession of the ball. Its features create an optimal balance between touch, agility and, above all, speed. Slightly heavier than the Puma King and Puma Future , the Puma One combines new technologies to ensure maximum stability and agility for the player wearing it. The Puma One pair of cleats remains lightweight, however, thanks to RAPIDAGILITY technology on the outsole, enabling the wearer to exploit full speed without losing stability. Often single- or two-tone, Puma One is available in a wide range of colors and models from Foot-store. In children's or adult sizes, in blue, green, orange or yellow, find them in this category dedicated to Puma One soccer shoes.