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Puma One Football Boots are made for players who want to go beyond their limits.

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Puma One Football Boots

The Puma One football Boot was designed for players who have no limits, or at least want to push them as far as possible. This Boot creates an optimal balance between agility, speed and touch. It pushes you to reach your maximum speed on the different fields you play on and gives you an unbeatable feeling of the ball. Gain maximum stability and agility with its new technologies.

NRGY Technology

The pair of studs features a midsole called "NRGY" offering exceptional cushioning for players wearing these Puma One Boots. Control the impacts and protect yourself from the multiple pains that could occur when falling down after a hard-fought duel in the air or otherwise. The Puma One also gives you a great energy boost and allows you to keep up with your efforts and races without losing time. You can use the Puma One as a support and thus gain speed.


The adherent outsole benefits from RAPIDAGILITY technology. This feature is reflected in the conical and longitudinal studs intelligently placed under the sole, thus enhancing the responsiveness and lightness of the PUMA Boot.

FUSEFIT Technology

This pair of PUMA One features custom lacing, a lacing system that adapts to the player's foot to provide the best possible comfort. The goal with this technology is that the player feels like he is playing in socks, that he completely forgets his Boots. The FUSEFIT technology plays a key role in this feeling of comfort provided by the pair of crampons.

evoKNIT technology

The seamless evoKNIT mesh makes all the difference on this pair as it is a big part of the lightweight feeling of the Boot. It wraps the entire pair to give it a stylish look and above all breathable comfort.

Wide offer on Foot-store

The Puma One is available in many colours at Foot-store, in green, silver, blue, orange or yellow, so it's easy to find the perfect match for your match outfit. All adult sizes are available, for men and women, as well as children's sizes. You can find them in this category in many different price ranges, from entry-level at 40€ to high-end at 200€. We present in this category Puma One football Boots for all kind of fields, dry field, greasy field, synthetic field or synthetic surface.