All our soccer Cleats Nike for kids

Find here the football boots for children from the American brand: Nike. Get the Nike Phantom, Nike Mercurial Vapor, Nike Mercurial Superfly soccer boots.

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Just like adults, children who play football need the right equipment. Nike Tiempo, Nike Mercurial Vapor, Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Phantom … find the most famous shoes designed by Nike for children at low prices.

All Nike soccer shoes for children

Young players need to have suitable footballshoes to always advance in the world of football and this, whatever the conditions. This is the reason why the sports equipment manufacturer Nike has developed high quality models dedicated to them. Nike Tiempo, Nike Mercurial Vapor, Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Phantom… Discover Nike football boots for children at an unbeatable price.

How to choose your pair of Nike football boots for children?

If you are a football fan, you should know that there are different types of surfaces you can play on. In order to ensure your comfort, it is therefore very important to choose a pair of Nike soccer boots which, not only must be adapted to your needs, but also to the playing surface. You're in luck, because we currently have soccer cleats for all types of grounds. On our site, you can find products from the biggest sports and football brands with the different collections and technologies specific to each brand. Looking for Nike cleats for kids ? Discover a wide range of products and a rich choice of colors and sizes at an unbeatable price.

Spotlight on Nike Tiempo shoes for kids

Are you going to be playing on dry grounds and natural grass (FG : Firm Ground) in the near future? You need molded studs for traction. Are you hesitating in your choices? The Nike Tiempo gives you comfort and optimal fit. Their cleats are known for their touch on the ball. For example, you can prefer the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG or Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro FG. The first model offers the legendary feel of premium kangaroo leather and features a Quad-Fit mesh lining that conforms to the shape of the foot and an enveloping Flyknit tongue ensuring good support under the arch of the foot. Are you going to evolve on wet grass and soft ground soon (SG)? In this case, opt for the Tiempo Legend 9 Club SG. For turf surfaces (TF), you can put on the Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF or the Tiempo Legend 9 Academy TF. And in case it is a synthetic pitch (AG: Artificial Ground), the Tiempo Legend 9 Pro AG or the Tiempo Legend 8 Academy AG junior will do!

Worn by great players like Hugo Lloris and Van Dijk, the Nike Tiempo are designed to bring stability and lightness to practitioners. The good news is that they are available at low prices for young footballers!

And what about the Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes for kids?

Would you like to use the same pairs of boots that equip Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappé ? It is true that the Mercurial has long been associated with footballers with slender feet. If you want better grip while gaining acceleration and explosiveness, this is the pair for you!

If the match takes place on natural grass, you can opt for the Mercurial Vapor 14 AcademyFG/MG junior or the Mercurial Vapor 14 Club FG/MG junior. The latter is particularly suitable for speed as its studs are specially designed for quick cuts and sudden stops. The grippy texture throughout the upper provides precise control when dribbling at higher speed. With this pair of Nike football boots dedicated to children, you also gain precision when it comes to hitting the ball.

If the match takes place on a turf surface, choose for example the Mercurial Vapor 14 Academy TF. Its supple upper envelops your foot for a second- skin fit. Thanks to its rubber outsole, grip on synthetic surfaces is optimized. Do you want another option? Alright, the Mercurial Vapor 14 Academy TF is an interesting alternative.

What about the Nike Mercurial Superfly shoes for kids?

If your main criteria in choosing a pair of football boots is speed, then you will need a model like the Mercurial Superfly. Do you want us to guide you? So opt for the Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy MG since it is suitable for different playing surfaces. Its grip allows quick changes of direction and sudden stops without worry. Its grippy texture on the top gives you effective ball control. You can also adopt the Mercurial Superfly 8 Club MG or the Mercurial Superfly 8 FG to play on natural grass. Take advantage of promotional offers on these exceptional items.

What about Nike Phantom shoes for kids?

Do you want to put on the same pairs of shoes as Kevin De Bruyne ? Under these conditions, you need the Phantom models from Nike. If you're an offensive player, the Phantom GT Academy Dynamic Fit MG allows you to deliver precise passes during attacks. Its versatile grip gives you the ability to take control of the game. If you are on dry grass, the Phantom Venom Elite FG will be your ally. On the other hand, on artificial ground, you can count on the Phantom GT2 Academy AG.

The different Nike packs dedicated to children

Want more details? In the Spectrum Pack, the Mercurials appear in a brilliant crimson with an explosive indigo, a touch of metallic silver and white as well as the comma borders in green. The Phantom GT sports a royal blue with the comma and the horizontal stripe in metallic silver. There is also a green touch at the cleats. The Tiempo Legend 9 appears in a platinum hue with the famous very pronounced neon green on the comma. For its part, the "Black x Prism" pack dresses the Phantom GT and the Tiempo Legend VIII in black while revealing discreet touches of color. Finally, the Motivation pack on which the four silos (Mercurial Vapor 14, Superfly 8, Phantom GT2 and Tiempo 9) are connected by a white base decorated with a different color for each model.