Apparel and gloves for Soccer Goalie

Soccer Goalies will find what they are looking for in this category thanks to this wide selection of gloves of all brands.

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Soccer goalie's equipment

In this category entirely dedicated to goalies, you will find all the equipment necessary for goalies to achieve the best possible performance in matches and training sessions. From gloves to uniforms, as well as the various protections offered, we always offer a wide choice of brands, sizes and prices to suit all soccer goalkeepers.

Soccer goalie gloves

It's the perfect place to find your new pair of gloves. At Foot-store, we offer the widest selection of soccer goalie gloves on the web. All types of gloves are present. First of all, gloves with negative stitching in order to offer gloves that fit the shape of the hand to improve the quality of the ball catches. Then, gloves with flat seams to considerably increase the contact surface with the ball and adopt a classic glove cut. We also offer you the possibility to find Rollfinger goalkeeper gloves to benefit from a wider palm to ensure a natural continuity at the wrist with the hand. Finally, you can find in this shop dedicated to goalkeepers, Hybrid goalkeeper gloves to adapt your pair of gloves according to your hand, to cumulate the advantages of the 3 previous pairs and especially to gain a lot in terms of comfort.

Textiles for goalkeepers

When it comes to goalie outfits, you have a lot of choices. You can discover all the "fan" jerseys in the image of your favourite club or national team and dress like your idols, Neuer, De Gea, Buffon, Courtois, Ter Stegen or others. They are available in long or short sleeves and in all sizes for children and adults. Looking for a neutral training top? Don't panic, we also offer a wide range of football jerseys of all brands, adidas, Nike, Puma, Macron, Jako or Kappa, in every imaginable colour. You can also find elbow pads on many of them. Enough about jerseys, we also offer shorts, pants, complete sets or even special socks for goalkeepers. All these football outfits have been designed to protect goalkeepers and allow them to express their potential to the fullest.

Goalkeeper protections

Goalkeepers are likely to encounter many shocks during matches or training sessions, that's why on Foot-store we offer in this category a multitude of protections that could prove very useful for goalkeepers. These protection accessories come in addition to the protections included on many outfits, or at least complement them. We offer you the possibility to find shin guards, ankle pads, elbow pads, knee pads or leg protectors. These brands, such as G-Form or Zamst, are recognized for the effectiveness of their products in terms of protection.