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Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player or an expert, at foot-store we have a wide range of Mizuno football boots for all levels, designed by the great Japanese brand Mizuno and sold at prices defying all competition.

Mizuno football cleats: a renowned brand

From its beginnings in the field of textiles for amateur and high-level sportsmen, the great Japanese brand Mizuno has diversified over the years to produce top-quality football products for both professionals and amateurs. Offering ranges adapted to all types of practices and levels, it is one of the most renowned equipment manufacturers in the world of football today.

For training sessions, matches or leisure games, the Mizuno football cleats recommended are not the same, as these are played on completely different pitches. The experts at Mizuno are well aware of this. That's why they have developed pumps with a choice of studs, designs, colours and materials. All these types of products are available in our online shop at low prices to make the fans happy.

How to choose your Mizuno football boots?

Apart from the need for comfort, the choice of a good pair of Mizuno football boots is generally made according to the playing field. The conditions are not the same on every pitch. Moulded studs (FG or AG), made from soft materials, are recommended for synthetic pitches and hard surfaces, while for natural or wet grass and turf surfaces, it is advisable to wear shoes with aluminium studs (SG or TF studs) that are light and rigid, offering a more aggressive grip.

Mizuno Morelia football boots

One of the Japanese giant's most innovative ranges is the Morelia. Offering top of the range pumps, worn by the world's greatest football players, Mizuno puts its knowledge of football boots at your disposal for pairs that are both comfortable and perform well. We particularly recommend the Morelia Neo III beta jp mix and the Morelia Neo III beta Elite. Designed to offer maximum speed, they are made from kangaroo leather, one of the innovations of recent years, guaranteeing greater lightness and robustness than traditional football boots. With excellent ventilation and a soft interior, they provide you with a comfortable feel throughout all your activities. Flexible and lightweight, these snug-fitting Mizuno football boots hug the shape of your feet and allow natural movement for seamless mobility. The cleats are designed to suit the playing surface and offer the wearer improved performance and comfort.

This range also includes models designed for futsal: the Mizuno Morelia sala. Made of technical materials, these indoor shoes are very comfortable, light and flexible, with non-marking foam soles. They incorporate a counter that improves support, cushioning and balance for maximum control over movement and the ball.

Mizuno Rebula Cleats

Two models designed for intensive, high-level practice stand out from the rest: the Rebula Cup Elite and Rebula Cup Japan. Made from kangaroo leather with a suede lining, they have excellent wear and impact resistance for optimum durability and safety. The soft foam lining conforms to the shape of your feet and is very soft for maximum control and comfort. Lightweight and flexible, they feature high quality soles with moulded studs for maximum performance on synthetic pitches.

For indoor football enthusiasts, Rebula offers two indoor models. Ideal for both training and futsal matches, the Rebula sala elite indoor and Mizuno Rebula incorporate durable mesh uppers for ventilation. They also provide optimal comfort and excellent ball contact for better performance. Their midsoles and outsoles are designed to provide maximum stability, shock absorption and explosiveness.

Mizuno Monarcida cleats

Designed for natural grass, the Monarcida Neo salt mix, monarcida neo select and monarcida neo have aluminium studs with rubber contours. They offer a strong grip on soft ground for a more aggressive grip. These pairs are also ideal for play on wet surfaces, making them perfect for wet weather matches. Strong, durable and long-lasting, these football boots are made from soft, lightweight materials to ensure optimum comfort and footwork.