Soccer Cleats adidas Predator

The adidas Predator is one of the most popular football boots on the market and is one of the most appreciated by football players due to its excellent ball control.

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Soccer shoe adidas Predator

The adidas Predator soccer shoe is a must-have in today's soccer world. On Foot-store, we'll tell you more about this famous port pair worn between autres by Zinédine Zidane, David Beckham and Paul Pogba.

adidas Predator An innovative soccer boot

A real revolution when it was created in 1994, the Predator has evolved over the seasons to become lighter, more precision and more powerful, to becomeadidas 's flagship soccer shoe.

1998: Predator is revealed to the world by Zinédine Zidane, who wears the Predator Accelerator at the World Cup.

2000: Predator Precision makes its appearance. Its special feature is that it allows players to replace their cleats.

2006: The Predator Absolute takes to the field with its new PowerPulse technology, which places the shoe's center of gravity closer to impact for enhanced striking power.

2009: The Predator X soccer shoe is introduced with PowerSpine technology to minimize energy loss.

2012: 5 Lethal Zones are added to the Predator to evolve the shoe in terms of ball touch, precision and shooting power, then appears the Predator LZ.

2014 : The Predator Instinct adds innovations to the range and improves its ball feel thanks to layers of 3D rubber and its Gel Pad in the forefoot.

2017: After a one-year hiatus, adidas Predator are back with a new design completely different from previous versions. Indeed, new technologies are present. Gone is the kangaroo leather, replaced by a new material, Primeknit. It's also the debut of Predator Laceless, laceless with the little PureCut sock integrated and the advent of a new, more modern sole with ControleFrame technology

2019 : The brand with the three stripes reinforces the silo heel with adidas Predator 19.

2020: The innovations continue with the Predator 20 with DemonSkin technology composed of several small colored spikes arranged on the shoe's upper to optimize ball controls. The shoe's weight is also reduced.

2024 : The latest version of the adidas Predator : the Predator Freak retains the features of its predecessor. However, the collar is split in two to make them easier to put on. What's more, the colored spikes are scattered differently.

Which players wear adidas Predator ?

The Predator is a shoe designed to offer the best possible ball control to its wearer. Thanks to its wide passing surface and precise touch, the Predator is much appreciated by midfielders and central defenders. Formerly port by Zinédine Zidane and David Beckham, this pair is now the favorite of Paul Pogba and Maxence Caqueret.

If you're looking for a pair that provides stability, control and precision then this is the pair for you.

What are the different adidas Predator ranges?

As with the Copa silo, there are two top-of-the-range versions of the adidas Predator . The adidas Predator Freak+ is the laceless version, which is only porté by a few players like Paul Pogba, while the adidas Predator Freak.1 is the lace-up model porté by most players. The laceless version is the more expensive of the two. There are two mid-range versions: adidas Predator Freak.2 or .3, both available in high or low versions, with or without laces. The entry-level version is adidas Predator .4, again with the option of a high or low version, but with laces.

adidas Predator are available in a range of colors, including color with the adidas Superlative pack and black with the SuperStealth pack .

adidas Predator for all types of terrain

Predator can be used on all possible playing surfaces. Natural grass surfaces can be dry with FG studs or damp with SG studs. AG/MG studs are for synthetic turf, while TF studs are for stabilized synthetic surfaces. For Futsal players, adidas Predator IN will be perfect .

A wide choice on Foot-store

On Foot-store, you'll find this mythical pair of shoes in all colors, for men, women and children, at unbeatable prices. Predator soccer boots are available for all types of terrain: dry, wet, synthetic and indoor.