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Founded in 1950 in Lyon, OL quickly became one of the leading clubs in French football. Chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas since 1987, Olympique Lyonnais moved into a new dimension with the arrival of its ambitious new president. Indeed, in 1995 things got off to a serious start for the Lyon club with a successful season that saw them finish second in the league behind FC Nantes. Present in all competitions, OL lost in the League Cup final to FC Metz and eliminated Lazio of Rome in the European Cup. Enough to feed the ambitious Jean-Michel Aulas, since year after year the team grew stronger and began to seriously fight for the first places in Ligue 1. The arrival of the renowned Sonny Anderson in 1999 from Barcelona then ushered in a new era for the club.

This new era began with a League Cup win over AS Monaco in 2001, the club's first national title since 1973. Then came Lyon's great years, with many titles and successes to boot. In 2002, the club won its first French league title. This title was the first of a long series as the club continued its success and added 6 other consecutive French championship titles.

During this period, everything was going well at the OL on a national level as the club took all the trophies or almost all the trophies. The club owed its success to its good management since its membership was almost completely renewed each season. The training centre and the good recruitments had allowed the club to line up some great names on its match sheets, Juninho, Abidal, Govou, Wiltord, Benzema, Cris, Coupet and many others. Internationally, although there was no success as OL reached the Champions League semi-finals at the maximum, the club has made a real name for itself and is now recognised and respected by the biggest names.

Following this period, results began to decline, with management choices and recruitment less good than before and allowed clubs such as Lille, Bordeaux, OM and Montpellier to win French championship titles. OL remained among the top clubs in the French championship but was no longer the formidable Olympique Lyonnais of the 2000s. The club still plays the leading roles in Ligue 1 and participates each season in the Champions League, it can count on its many supporters to support it in all these competitions. Moreover, the OL is now playing in the Groupama Stadium, a formidable connected facility, thus providing the best possible conditions for the OL's supporters and the Lyon club's players.

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