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Serie A: the elite championship of Italian men's football.

Serie A is the professional football championship where the level is the highest in Italy.

Serie A is made up of 20 Italian teams competing in two-legged matches from August to May-June. The championship consists of 38 days so that the 20 clubs can play all the other clubs twice, once at home in their own stadium and once away in the other team's stadium.
FIGC - Lega Serie A has been organizing this Serie A championship since its creation in 1898. All the clubs present in this championship are professionals. The three clubs finishing 18th, 19th and 20th in the championship are automatically relegated to the lower division, Serie B. As for the top of the ranking, the 1st in the ranking wins the Italian Champion title called "Scudetto" and the clubs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place are eligible for qualification for the European Cups, which are the Champions League and the Europa League.

Major clubs regularly share these first places and fight each season for the supreme national title.

For many football fans, Serie A is the world's most tactical football championship. Known for their tactical rigour in the attacking and, above all, defensive phases, Italian clubs fight real battles all season long in the league to finish in the best possible position. The Italian league is one of the most closely watched in the world. Long considered the best league in the world, especially in the 1990s and 2000s, the league is a little less prominent at the moment, unlike the Premier League or La Liga. Many Italian clubs now seem to be lagging behind other European clubs in terms of renovation, infrastructure, etc. Serie A's return to the top will probably require this modernisation. The Italian league currently occupies fourth place in the UEFA ranking of the best football leagues in Europe. The Bundesliga is in third place, while League 1 is in fifth place.

In the history of this championship, several major Italian clubs have distinguished themselves through their titles and performances on the pitch.

Which Serie A football jersey to choose?

In this category dedicated to Serie A football jerseys, we propose you to find all the clubs of the Italian championship through their different shops and products offered. Here you will find all the official collections of your favourite club, from training outfits with training tops, trousers, shorts, tracksuits, lifestyle outfits with sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, to match outfits with football shirts, football shorts and football socks.

Juventus football jerseys

Juventus are the real big guns in this Italian championship. In 118 editions, the Old Lady's club have won 37 Scudetti, making them by far the most successful club in Italy. In fact, since 2012 the club has been sporting three stars above the club logo for having won 30 Italian championship titles. Juve won their first title in 1905, knocking out the great Genoa in the early days of Calcio.

Juventus are currently enjoying a golden period since Andrea Agnelli took over the club in 2010, having won eight consecutive Italian league titles in the last eight seasons. Antonio Conte, then appointed as coach of this ambitious Juventus in 2011, has achieved great performances at national level by winning 3 consecutive scudetti with great players in his team, such as Andrea Pirlo, Gianluigi Buffon, Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba, Claudio Marchisio and Giorgio Chiellini. Massimiliano Allegri succeeded him in 2014 with the same ambition at national level, lifting the Italian championship trophy. That is what he did until he left the club in 2019 to join Maurizio Sarri. Allegri even managed to take the club to the Champions League final twice, in 2014/15 and 2017/2018, both of which he lost to Barcelona and Real Madrid. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Miralem Pjanic in their ranks today, the Juventus club are hoping to take the trophy back to Turin to finally celebrate their third European Championship title.

Juventus has unveiled 3 new jerseys this season and has decided to surprise everyone with its equipment manufacturer adidas. Juve have decided to hit hard with their new home jersey which completely breaks the codes of the club's usual home jersey. The design used since 1903 and worn since then by so many great players like Del Piero, Platini, Zidane, Nedved, Pirlo and so many others will not be repeated this 2019/20 season. The club has been very innovative in recent seasons, notably with its new logo, and this year presents a tunic where the white and black stripes give way to two single parts, one black and one white. The right side of the front part is white, with a black straight sleeve, while on the other side the part is black and the short sleeve is white. Between these two black and white parts, a thin vertical pink stripe separates the two sides. It is well centered on the jersey. The logo of the club's Jeep sponsor is placed above this line, in the middle of the front of the jersey. The pink is used on this jersey to recall the first official home jersey worn by the Juventus club in its early days. Many of the jerseys have subsequently adopted this pink colour in recent seasons, for example in 2015/16. The adidas logo is black on the white side and the Juventus logo is white on the black side. To complete the official home outfit, the jersey is worn with all-black shorts and black socks. The collar of this jersey is round.

Then the second jersey, the outdoor jersey, worn by Juventus when playing outdoors this season and therefore outside the Allianz Stadium, is mainly creamy white. Red details can be seen on this jersey with the adidas logo, the Juventus logo and the Jeep logo. Details at the end of the short sleeves are also red. Juventus does not feature any long-sleeved jerseys with adidas. Discreet camouflage patterns are everywhere on the Juventus outdoor soccer jersey. This jersey uses a fitted V-neck near the neck.

Finally, the third and final Juventus jersey uses CLIMATE technology, which helps absorb perspiration. This jersey is completely blue with some silver details such as the adidas logo, the Juventus logo and the Jeep logo. Silver details are also visible on the sleeve ends and on the shoulders with the 3 adidas stripes. These Juventus football jerseys are all available at Foot-store in adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, children's and baby sizes. Support Juventus with these Replicas jerseys.

AC Milan football jerseys

AC Milan are another Italian league giant with 18 Scudetti won. The club wears a star on its jersey, waiting to win two more championships before adding a second star.

The Milanese club were the second Italian club to win the championship after Genoa in 1901. To evoke the greatness of this red and black Italian club, it is impossible not to mention its seven great Champions League titles, which are the pride of the Rossonero people. It is the second highest total in Europe after Real Madrid and its 13 Champions Leagues.

In the early 2000s, with Carlo Ancelotti at the helm, the Italian club enjoyed a string of domestic and international successes. At that time, the club had great players in every position, including Kaka, Pirlo, Cafu, Chevtchenko and Maldini. This AC Milan was nicknamed 'The Meravigliosi', a nickname that was even more fitting for Real Madrid of the Galacticos.

However, the last decade has been much more complicated for the Milanese, following the departures of Carlo Ancelotti, Paolo Maldini and Kaka. The club are now struggling to regain top spot in Serie A and thus regain their place in Europe. The return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic this season is likely to do the AC Milan side, who have lost out in recent seasons, some good.

AC Milan have also unveiled their three new football shirts for the 2019/20 season. Equipped by the Puma brand, the rossonero club has a home jersey recognisable all over the world with its traditional red and black stripes. The Milanese club played this card again this season by unveiling a home jersey with many thin black and red stripes all over the jersey. It is also reminiscent of the jerseys of the 50s and 60s. White details complement the black round-necked jersey, including the logos of sponsors Puma and Fly Emirates. To complete the outfit, the home tunic is worn with white shorts and white socks.

The Milanese club's outer jersey is completely white, which is reminiscent of the success of the great AC Milan with this white jersey, notably during the 6th Champions League won in 2006. The jersey also features two coloured stripes on the shoulders, a black stripe on the right shoulder and a red stripe on the left. The collar of this jersey is slightly V-shaped. Available for men, women and children in all sizes at Foot-store.

The AC Milan third jersey is much less traditional and incongruous than the two previous ones as it is mostly black with red stripes all over the torso. The few white details on this jersey are with Puma logos, one on each shoulder and one on the right chest. An Italian green white red flag is also identifiable on the inside of the collar of this jersey.

Inter Milan football jerseys

Inter Milan are AC Milan's historic rivals and neighbours. The two clubs share the same 80,018-seat San Siro stadium. But unlike its neighbour, Inter play in blue and black. With 18 Scudetti won, the Inter club climbed to second place on the podium on a par with AC Milan, but remains well behind Juventus and its 37 titles. Inter Milan and their supporters have achieved a historic hat-trick, which none of their Italian rivals have been able to achieve to date. That is to say, winning the Championship, the Italian Cup and the Champions League in the same season! For Inter, this 2009/2010 season is considered a real consecration. Led by Jose Mourinho, Javier Zanetti, Diego Milito, Samuel Eto'o and Stankovic, Inter Milan impressed Europe with their sacrifice and defensive rigour.

Since that season, however, not much has happened for the Nerazzuri, who have not won a single title in the last ten seasons. Like their neighbours AC Milan, the club must return to the top of the Italian and European game as soon as possible. That is why the club has called in an experienced man, Antonio Conte, to get the winning machine moving again. This season Inter Milan are much more competitive and are fighting for the Scudetto, which bodes well for the future and above all for the competitiveness of the championship with Juventus.

Inter Milan and its equipment supplier Nike wanted to innovate compared to other seasons and the club's traditional jersey, without necessarily disrupting everything and thus respect the history of the club. Internazionale's iconic black and blue club colours have been retained, and the vertical stripes are still present. Nike simply chose to include a block of diagonal stripes on the Inter home jersey that would break up the long vertical stripes traditionally present on this jersey. White details appear on the jersey with the Nike and Pirelli sponsor logos, but also on the V-neck and short sleeve ends of this jersey. Available in the Vapor version, a top-of-the-range breathable jersey with a slim fit, and in the Repica version.

The outer jersey is very surprising for Inter with its emerald green colour for this 2019/20 season. This jersey has proved to be a huge hit with the club's fans. The beautiful black and gold details on the V-neck and short sleeves of the jersey are bound to appeal to fans and enthusiasts alike.

For this third jersey, Inter are making a nod to their long-time sponsor Pirelli as it was unveiled at the Monza motoring weekend. Nike's marketing clichés clearly put this third Inter jersey in the middle of the Formula 1 circuit. Completely black, the jersey features highly visible fluorescent yellow details. The Pirelli logo is written in red on an imposing yellow block. The round collar and short sleeves also have yellow details with this fine line. Nike has adopted its legendary "Nike Futura" logo for this jersey, with the Nike writing on top of the Swoosh.

AS Roma football jerseys

AS Roma have only won this famous Italian championship three times, but they mean so much to Calcio.

Roma are an emblematic club of Italy and of the city of Rome because of the fervour of their fans at the Stadio Olimpico in particular and because of the love of their players' jerseys. Great names have worn the Roma jersey and great love stories between clubs and players have been born in Rome. Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi, for example, both wore the Giallorosso jersey for many seasons.

Always in the top places in the Serie A standings, the club has rarely managed to do what it takes to climb to the top of the podium. Roma's last Scudetto victory came in 2001, when they were led by an explosive attack comprising Batistuta, Montella and Francesco Totti.

AS Roma wear the historic colours of the Eternal City, Rome. The club's equipment supplier Nike has plenty of stories to tell through its new jerseys for the Rome club. This season the outfitter has been inspired by the god Jupiter. As usual in purple, the home jersey has its originality in its V-neck and the edge of its short sleeves. Indeed, details referring to Jupiter are easily visible, with these flashes on a yellow background. These details go well with the shield-shaped coat of arms of Roma. On the inside of the collar, we can also see the inscription "MCMXXVII" symbolizing the date of the club's creation, in 1927.

The Roma's outer jersey is white in colour, but the theme is the same as that of the home jersey, which is based on Roman mythology. A yellow, orange and red lightning bolt is clearly visible on the torso of the jersey, running diagonally from the AS Roma coat of arms to the bottom right of the jersey. The inscriptions in Roman numerals are again visible on the inside of the collar. Two yellow and red stripes appear at the nape of the neck on this jersey.

Finally, AS Roma's third jersey for this European Cup season is completely retro! Its vintage look with this jacquard pattern made of circles containing the initials of the club "ASR"