Soccer Cleats adidas X Speedflow

The adidas X football boot is the fastest pair of football boots on the market. Mohamed Salah won't deny it.

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Be unstoppable with this pair of adidas X soccer cleats, and imitate great players like Mohamed Salah !

The adidas X, a symbol of speed and explosiveness

The adidas X is the ultimate pair for players who want to unleash great acceleration in the middle of a game. Thanks to its lightness unmatched, the adidas X football boot will allow you to exploit all your speed and will push to exceed your limits.

Its "structureClawcollar" gives it a stability and reactivity unique to multiplying the small supports as quickly as possible.

Every balloon, every acceleration, makes a difference. Stop giving your opponents a choice with this pair of crampons, force them to run behind you. The outsole is equipped with SpeedFrame carbon fiber to go even faster with every step.

Players like Mohamed Salah, Gareth Bale, Angel Di Maria, Karim Benzema or N'golo Kanté have logically chosen this pair to break the lines and chain races forward.

The history of the adidas X: from the F50 to the X

2004: adidas launched the adidas F50 ahead of Euro 2004 in Portugal. It revolutionizes with its Kangaroo leather and a lace cover.

2005: The legendary adidas F50 + appears with a spider web design.

2009: Change of design and direction with the desire to focus on speed with the adidas F50.I. It was with this pair that Lionel Messi scored his header in the Champions League final against Manchester United and celebrated with a cleat in his hand.

2010: adidas unveils a new design with the F50 adizero for the 2010 World Cup with a chameleon color and for the first time offers a leather model and a synthetic model. The following year adidas unveiled a new generation of the F50 Adizero.

2014: Before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, adidas released the F50 adiZero Samba in reference to Brazilian culture and the multiple colors it evokes. This is why this pair is available in several different colors. It also brings innovation with a mixed and hybrid upper with leather and synthetic.

2014-2015: adidas continues its momentum and successively releases various even lighter models. the adizero crazylight (135g), the adizero crazy light 2 (99g) and the F50 adizero 4 which is actually a fusion with what will be the adidas X.

2015: New design change for adidas with the release of the adidas X which replaces the F50 silo, the three-stripe brand continues its quest for speed.

2016-2017: Successively the adidas X 15, X16 and X17 came out with a single obsession: speed.

2018-2019: Design change for the adidas X18 released for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and X19 with a strong inspiration from its ancestor the F50 with in particular the cover for the laces.

2020: Latest addition to the family, the adidas X Ghosted. Its name derives from its effect like transparent phantom and the innovation on the upper MirageSkin which offers comfort and maneuverability in order to be ultra responsive.

What are the different ranges of the adidas X?

Like other adidas silos, the adidas X has 4 ranges. The top of the range is represented by the adidas X Ghosted + and X Ghosted.1 having the latest technologies from adidas. The mid-range versions X Ghosted.2 and X Ghosted.3 have a similar design to the high-end versions but do not have certain technologies or use less efficient materials, so their price is lower. Finally, the entry level is represented by the adidas X Ghosted.4 with a different design and the absence of notable technologies. Each time, you have the option of opting for a version with or without laces.

Apart from the different ranges, the adidas X Ghosted comes in several colors. In yellow with the adidas Precision to Blur pack, in black with the adidas Superstealth pack or in white and gold. Make your choice quickly and sow your opponents!

Choose your pair!

On Foot-store, we suggest you find this pair with or without laces according to your preferences. Many colors are available for men, women and children. Choose the right pair for the type of ground you usually play football on: soft ground (SG), firm ground(FG), synthetic/turf (TF) or indoor surfaces (IN).