Football boots

Find on Foot-store all the football boots from the biggest football brands like adidas, Nike and Puma but also New Balance, Asics, Mizuno and Joma. All surfaces are available and our new packs from Nike or adidas. 

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How to choose your football boots?

On Foot-store, we offer you a wide selection of football boots. You'll find new products, clearance sales and other special offers throughout the season.

In order to help you find the pair you are looking for, we put at your disposal all the biggest brands of football boots, for all types of pitches, in all sizes and at all prices.

When choosing football boots, you have several choices. You can select them according to the equipment manufacturer, according to the type of pitch you are going to play on, and of course by the price if you are looking for cheap football boots.

Cleats by brand

Among all the brands on offer, we offer you the possibility of playing with the new adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno, Asics, New Balance and Joma football boots. These are the most famous brands for football cleats and are used by the most famous football players.

Which side will you choose? adidas with Messi, Pogba and Dybala? Nike with Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé and Neymar? Or Puma with Griezmann, Suarez and Aguero?

Once you've chosen your brand, you can select your favourite range of football boots based on the design and colours of the pairs on offer. Each brand offers several silos, to satisfy all players.

Football boots by type of pitch

On Foot-store, we also suggest that you choose your football boots according to the type of pitch you usually play on. Whether it is a dry pitch, a greasy pitch, a synthetic pitch, a synthetic surface or an indoor pitch for futsal.

Football shoes by price range

The football boots we offer are available in all price ranges for each model. There will always be "entry level" models with basic cleat technologies and very affordable prices, mid-range models with advanced technologies and affordable prices and finally high end football boots with advanced technologies and higher prices. We also offer a wide range of football boots at very low prices in our clearance, special offers and bargain categories. The prices of these cleats can be discounted by up to 50%, 60% and 70%.

What type of studs for what pitch?

There are many different types of studs, and it is sometimes difficult to find the right one. That's why our team at Foot-Store has put together a short summary of football cleats that will help you answer all your questions. What is the difference between FG and SG cleats? Which football boots should you choose if you play on synthetic surfaces? This short guide provides the answer.

Which pitch should I use FG studs for?

FG cleats are the cleats used for grass pitches. They are the most common type of cleats used by footballers. The cleats are long, often cone-shaped or slat-shaped and provide traction on natural pitches. It is an extremely versatile plate as it is often used on greasy pitches despite some risk of slipping, as well as on synthetic pitches. Although other cleats are more suitable for these types of terrain.

Where should SG cleats be used?

Soft ground" SG cleats are cleats used for greasy surfaces. Your SG cleats will be your pair of screw-in, interchangeable cleats. Very often these plates are a combination of screw-in cleats and the slat or cone type cleats found on FG plates. The size of the spikes varies according to the condition of the ground. This plate allows you to dig into the greasy ground so that you can stay planted and not slip.

Where should I use SG Anti-Clog cleats?

The SG Anti-Clog cleats are a Nike speciality. It is an SG plate with screw-in studs and sipes, but it has Anti-Clog technology which allows the sole to remain "clean" because mud and dirt do not stick.

Where should I use AG studs?

AG spikes are used for synthetic pitches. It has more studs for good weight distribution, they are shorter, usually conical (and hollowed out at Nike). This sole allows for less digging in and less pressure on the pitch, which means that you don't get stuck, unlike an FG plate on synthetic pitches.

For which field should Turf cleats be used?

Turf spikes are the spikes for five-a-side football. They are made up of many tiny spikes that prevent them from sinking into the thin synthetic surface of 5-a-side football pitches. This sole allows players to be dynamic, to change direction quickly without getting stuck, which is important in five-a-side.

For which fields should Indoor soles be used?

The Indoor sole allows you to play football indoors in a gym or outdoors. They do not have studs but offer a good grip so that they do not slip on smooth surfaces.

Which football shoe should I choose?

The big brands are constantly innovating when it comes to football boots. Nike Spectrum, adidas Superlative, Nike Black x Prism, adidas Glory Hunter, Nike Mercurial Dream Speed, Nike Phantom GT... discover the latest models in a few clicks!

To allow players to progress, prestigious brands are constantly designing football boots that meet their needs! Discover the new packs signed by reference sports equipment manufacturers such as Nike, Puma or New Balance! Nike Spectrum, adidas Superlative, Nike Black x Prism, adidas Glory Hunter, Nike Mercurial Dream Speed, Nike Phantom GT... Enjoy all these packs at an exceptional price!

Pairs adapted to the different needs of players

Are you a football player looking for models worn by stars such as Neymar, Mbappé or Cristiano Ronaldo? On our website, you can find products from the biggest sports and football brands with their own collections and technologies! These articles are for both amateur and experienced sportsmen! If you want to perform well, it is essential to have a pair that is adapted to your needs! An equally important criterion is to choose the right model for the playing surface! We offer football cleats for all types of terrain. In addition, we offer a wide range of products in a variety of colours and sizes!

Which pairs to use on dry pitches and natural grass pitches?

Is your team playing on a natural pitch? You need football boots with firm ground soles and moulded studs! Not sure what to get? The Nike Phantom GT Elite FG has a grippy texture all over the foot! This is combined with a Flyknit upper to give you maximum control on the pitch! The Nike Phantom GT collection is available in white, but also in black and pink! Another option: from the adidas Superlative pack, you can choose the Copa Gloro 20.2 FG or the Nemeziz 19.4 FG! The Copa Gloro 20.2 FG stands out due to its grey colouring and a khaki camouflage pattern on the outsole. The Nemeziz is also based on a grey colour scheme! It has a camouflage pattern, but on the lower part of the upper. There are also touches of orange in the three stripes! Finally, in the adidas Glory Hunter pack, you can opt for the Predator Mutator 20+ FG! This one is specially designed for the Champions League! It has a colour scheme reminiscent of the ball for the 2020/2021 season. You're in luck, all these models are offered at a reduced price!

Which shoes should I choose to play on an AG synthetic pitch?

Are you playing on artificial turf? Then you need the right pair of shoes to play lightly and comfortably on an artificial pitch! Choose shoes with "Artificial Ground" (AG) soles with short, flexible studs! This way you avoid injuries, as this kind of surface tends to be quite hard!

No inspiration? The Tiempo Legend 8 Pro AG-PRO by Nike will do the trick! They feature a premium leather upper to give you a great feel for the ball! The sides of the tongue stretch to give you maximum stability and flexibility when passing. Get these quality products at a great price!

Which models should be used on a wet and greasy SG pitch?

Is your next match going to be played on a wet and greasy surface? If so, you need the best possible grip if you want to keep your balance and have good ball control! The Nike Mercurial Dream Speed collection offers you the Superfly 7 Elite MDS FG! The streamlined upper combines with a Nike Aerotrak zone for high speed play and exceptional grip! With All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, this model gives you a precise feel. Angled lugs combined with a new reinforced structure ensure acceleration and explosiveness with every stride.

Which pair to choose for indoor play?

If you play football indoors, this means that you will either play on a turf surface or on a wooden floor. For the former, you should opt for models with turf cleats! In addition, this type of shoe has small conical studs that allow you to change direction quickly. For parquet floors, opt for flat soles!

Every crack has its own pack!

Proof that the brands mentioned are real references, the most fashionable players of the moment are happy to use their models! If Lionel Messi has adopted adidas Nemeziz, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappé have chosen Nike Mercurial! The Brazilian Neymar Jr and the French international Griezmann have both fallen for Puma Future Z and Puma Ultra respectively! Pogba and Mo Salah chose adidas Predator and adidas X! Find all the new cleats packs on Foot-Store.

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