Soccer Balls: for playing in clubs or recreational activities

Explore our selection of soccer balls, featuring various types categorized by brands, colors, or logos of your favorite teams—perfect for both soccer and futsal practice.

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Soccer balls

Foot-store offers a wide selection of soccer balls. Every soccer enthusiast must have at least one football in his or her possession. Whether it's for playing soccer in the garden, with friends in the street or on real soccer pitches and indoor fields. In this category, you'll find every conceivable football for your enjoyment. All brands, all sizes, all types and all colors of ball are on Foot-store. But which soccer ball should you choose for ta? Here are some answers.

Which football should you choose?

You're sure you want a football, but you're still hesitating which one to choose from all the soccer balls we present here in this soccer ball store. There may be many reasons why you still don't know which one to choose, which is why we at Foot-store are going to describe to you the usefulness of each ball visible on this site. All you have to do is deduce which one is best suited to you and your soccer sessions.

Types of footballs

On Foot-store, we divide footballs into 4 types.

Footballs for clubs footballs

These soccer balls are ideal for club soccer, i.e. for training sessions and matches. They're tough and strong enough to withstand the heavy blows of players determined to put all their kicking power into the ball. There are a huge number of balls in this category, all designed for clubs and complying with the regulations for official soccer matches. Generally speaking, clubs footballs are quite sober in terms of color: white with touches of color. There are different ranges of footballs, with entry-level balls costing around 10-15&Dollars; and top-of-the-range balls costing around 100&Dollars. The difference between these balls can be explained by the material used to make them. We offer unbeatable prices on all these soccer balls, with substantial discounts on all of them to make them accessible to as many players and clubs as possible. Many brands create soccer balls for clubs, such as Nike, adidas, Jako, Uhlsport or Erima.

Footballs for soccer fans and supporters

In this category, footballs are official balls or replicas of the world's leading soccer competitions or the great clubs footballs. Each soccer competition has its own official ball or balls. On Foot-store, you'll find them all in this category, including Ligue des Champions balls,Dollars 2020 balls, Premier League balls and Ligue 1 balls. The equipment manufacturers who partner these competitions like to unveil new balls every season, each more original than the last autres. These balls are used in professional matches between the big names clubs. You can also find the logos of the competitions in question on the balls. As far as clubs footballs are concerned, these are not balls used in matches, as they have been created exclusively for you, the club supporter. This is your chance to show your friends and family which club you support. These balls are often in the club's colors, and therefore easily identifiable with the clubs logos.

Futsal balls

Futsal balls are different from traditional soccer balls in that they are slightly denser. In fact, they are often smaller in size, around 62-64 com in circumference compared with 68-70 com for traditional balls, while their weights are similar. This difference is intended to ensure that futsal balls bounce much less than autres balls, so that futsal players can develop beautiful play and keep the ball on the ground. The balls in this category have the terms " futsal " or " indoor " in their product names on Foot-store, to facilitate differentiation and therefore research.

Special footballs

Footballs in this category are designed exclusively for leisure activities or for learning soccer, as they are very special in terms of shape, color and material. They're more for fun and learning than for real soccer performance. They may be suitable for children who want to start playing with a soccer ball.

Soccer ball brands

On Foot-store, you can find a wide selection of footballs from all brands: adidas Erima , Nike, Patrick, Puma, Jako, Uhlsport or Select. We've chosen to highlight all these brands to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Brands such as Jako, Patrick, Uhlsport or Erima will be highly sought-after by clubs soccer fans, as the quality/price ratio is excellent. Brands such as adidas, Nike or Puma will be chosen for their exceptional designs and unrivalled quality. For each brand, you'll find the different types of ball mentioned above: balls for clubs, for supporters, for futsal and finally for leisure and children. Nike offers official Premier League balls and fan balls for PSG, FC Barcelone, Tottenham and Chelsea. Adidas offers official balls for the UEFA Champions League and Dollars 2020 competitions, as well as fan balls from Real Madrid, Juventus,OL and Manchester United. Uhlsport offers official soccer balls from Ligue 1.

Football sizes

Footballs come in 3 sizes. A size 3 football has a circumference of 57 to 60cm, weighs between 280 and 320g and is intended for male and female soccer players under the age of 7. A size 4 football is a 62 to 66cm ball weighing between 300 and 395g and is intended for soccer players aged between 7 and 13. The size 5 soccer ball is the most widespread, as it is the largest size of soccer ball and is therefore the one used by all players over the age of 14. It measures 68 to 71cm in circumference and weighs between 396 and 453g.