Soccer Balls: for playing in clubs or recreational activities

Explore our selection of soccer balls, featuring various types categorized by brands, colors, or logos of your favorite teams—perfect for both soccer and futsal practice.

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Soccer Balls

Explore our extensive collection of soccers at Foot-store. Every soccer enthusiast should have at least one in their possession. Whether you're playing in your backyard, with friends on the street, or on official soccer pitches and indoors, we've got all types and brands of soccer balls for your enjoyment. Find all brands, sizes, types, and colors of balls on Foot-store. Now, the question is, which soccer ball is right for your current practice? Let's help you find some answers.

Which Soccer Balls Should I Choose?

If you're sure you want a ball but are still deciding which one from the myriad of soccers on Foot-store, we've got you covered. We'll describe the purpose of each ball featured on this site, so you can choose the one that suits you best for your soccer sessions.

Types of Soccer Balls

At Foot-store, we categorize balls into four types.

Soccer Ball for Soccer Clubs

Perfect for club soccer practice, these soccer balls are ideal for training sessions and matches. They are durable and strong enough to withstand the powerful kicks from determined players. With various options, they meet the regulatory standards for official matches. Prices range from around 10-15€ for entry-level to 100€ for high-end balls, depending on the material. Brands like Nike, adidas, Jako, Uhlsport, or Erima create soccer balls for clubs, and we offer significant discounts to make them accessible to players and clubs.

Soccer Ball for Soccer Fans and Supporters

In this category, you'll find official soccer balls or replicas from flagship competitions worldwide or major soccer clubs. Each competition has its own official or club-specific ball. On Foot-store, discover the Champions League ball, Euro 2020 ball, Premier League balls, or League 1 balls. These are used in professional matches between major clubs. Additionally, there are soccer balls with club logos designed for supporters, showcasing your club pride with club colors and logos.

Futsal Soccer Balls

Designed for indoor play, these soccer balls are slightly denser than traditional ones. With a smaller size (about 62-64 cm in circumference), they bounce less to facilitate better gameplay on the ground. Look for products labeled "futsal" or "indoor" on Foot-store for easy identification.

Special Soccer Balls

Exclusively for leisure or learning, these soccer balls come in unique shapes, colors, and materials. They are perfect for fun and learning rather than serious soccer play, suitable for children starting with a soccer ball.

Brands of Soccer Balls

At Foot-store, find a wide selection of soccer balls from all brands: adidas, Erima, Nike, Patrick, Puma, Jako, Uhlsport, and Select. We highlight these brands for easy searching. Brands like Jako, Patrick, Uhlsport, or Erima are popular for soccer clubs due to their excellent quality/price ratio. Adidas, Nike, or Puma are chosen for exceptional designs and quality. Each brand offers different types of balls: for clubs, fans, futsal, and leisure/children. Nike provides official Premier League balls and fan balls for PSG, Barcelona, Tottenham, and Chelsea. Adidas offers official balls for UEFA Champions League and EURO 2020, as well as supporter balls for Real Madrid, Juventus, OL, or Manchester United. Uhlsport offers official soccer balls for League 1.

Soccer Ball Sizes

In soccer, there are three sizes of balls. A size 3 soccer ball, with a circumference of 57 to 60 cm and weighing 280 to 320g, is for male and female players under 7 years old. A size 4 soccer ball, with a circumference of 62 to 66 cm and weighing 300 to 395g, is for players between 7 and 13 years old. The most widely used size 5 soccer ball has a circumference of 68 to 71 cm and weighs 396 to 453g, suitable for all players over 14 years old.