Soccer Goalie Gloves

Wide selection of football goalkeeper gloves, with many brands equipping famous football goalkeepers: Uhlsport, Reusch, adidas, Nike, Erima, Errea, Puma and many others.

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Football goalkeeper's gloves

If you're a goalie looking for a new pair of football goalie gloves, you've come to the right place. At Foot-store, we offer in this category a real shop in its own right dedicated to goalkeepers. We know the importance of a goalkeeper in a football team, so we have decided to offer a very wide selection of goalkeeper gloves so that all goalkeepers can find the pair that will fit him perfectly. As every goalkeeper is different, we have decided to give you some details about these many gloves to help you make your choice.

Goalkeeper gloves with negative stitching

The vast majority of professional football goalkeepers use gloves with negative stitching, i.e. with seams on the inside of the glove. The reason for this is simply that they allow the gloves to more easily fit the shape of the hand and thus be closer to the fingers. The hand-fitted cut is therefore the natural fit of this type of football goalkeeper gloves. It is therefore preferable not to be disturbed by gloves that leave little space. Ball catching is improved with this type of gloves because additional latex is often added between the fingers to increase the contact area and provide more security when the ball arrives in the hands.

Goalkeeper gloves with flat seams

The flat cut is the most classic cut of goalkeeper gloves, it takes the exact shape of the flat hand. Comfort is very pleasant in this pair unlike gloves with negative seams because the seams are this time on the outside of the glove. The contact surface with the ball is very wide and flat on this pair, it can even be extended to the fingertips to really maximize the contact area.

Rollfinger goalkeeper gloves

These gloves in the Rollfinger Cup are different from the two previous cuts, since the seams are on the inside of the gloves, but the palm is much wider than on a negative cut. The contact area with the ball is then increased by 30%, which is considerable for any goalkeeper. Latex also replaces the traditional gussets between the fingers to ensure natural continuity and allow the foam to wrap around the fingers.

Goalkeeper Gloves Hybrid

Hybrid gloves have become increasingly common on football pitches in recent seasons. The hybrid palm of these gloves combines different types of glove seams, mixing Rollfinger, flat seams and negative seams. This mix promotes ball catching as it takes the advantages of each pair of gloves to create a unique pair. Comfort is also improved on this pair as this is truly a custom fit for the hand.