Soccer accessories

Get the accessories you need to practice your sport. Find equipment such as studs for your dry-field football boots, flip-flop shoes and masks.

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For comfortable and efficient practices, it is important to be well equipped. To do this, Foot-store met offers a wide selection of equipment such as cleats, caps and masks, developed by the biggest brands in the world of soccer at prices defying all competition.

High quality soccer accessories and equipment

Just like footballs and shoes, certain accessories are essential for comfort, performance and safety on the pitch, whether it's during a match or training session. And of course it is not necessary to remind you that these must have a certain quality to meet the expectations of footballers. If some like shin guards are highly recommended, others, like flip-flops, sandals, flip-flops, caps, cleats, maskofprotection, etc. are very useful in exceptional situations. A wide range of products with several colors to choose from, developed by the big names in the world of soccer as Nike, adidas, Puma, Macron, Asics, Under Armour, Mizuno, Uhlsport, adidasOriginals, Weeplay, Kappa and Hummels are available at very attractive prices on our online store.

Cheap cleats

Strong, durable and long-lasting, these 13-16mm cleats are designed to replace your worn cleats to ensure aggressive grip and maximum stability at all times. You can choose between Uhlsport Aluminum 6kt cleats, made entirely from choice aluminum, very light and extremely strong in silver, gold, black and red colors and those with nylon joints.

Branded cleats on clearance

In the locker room, when getting out of the shower or when relaxing, flip-flops and sandals are ideal partners. Generally designed from soft foam with exceptional strength, they are equipped with a very soft footbed to ensure optimal comfort. Incorporating non-slip soles, they prevent slipping for maximum safety. They are also designed with quality materials to ensure high resistance to moisture and abrasion for maximum durability. If you continue browsing, you will find comfortable and elegant models developed by the most important brands in the field, such as Asics, adidas, Hummel, Kappa, Errea, Acerbis, Puma and Spalding, available in different colors and sizes (for men, women and children). Find also the emblematic Adilette in all their splendor and pieces in the colors of your favorite clubs like the Paris Saint-Germain and theOlympique de Marseille at the best prices.

Protective masks, chokers, hats, caps, gloves for adults and children at unbeatable prices

Whether it is hot or cold, it is necessary to protect the orifices and some sensitive parts of the body, including the head, neck and hands. To do this, we offer a wide range of masks, caps, hats, gloves and neck warmers at very attractive prices. Made of technical materials, they not only guarantee excellent protection against UV, high/low temperatures and other external elements, but also great breathability and a very pleasant feel for lasting comfort.

Fanwear products in the colors of two major French clubs

Embellished with the logos and colors of two of France's top soccer clubs, these fan accessories are perfect for supporting your favorite team in the stands, on a daily basis or during your workouts.

  • Scarves Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain at the best prices: made of high quality textile, soft, breathable, and soft, but above all with an excellent thermal insulation, they match perfectly with any look, whether you are in the stands or outside.

  • Tap shoes and flip flops Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain : wear your team colors proudly in the locker room or in the shower by investing in these tap shoes and flip flops OM and PSG, available in adult and child sizes.

Gloves Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain on sale : for all kinds of cold or cool weather activities, these gloves are the perfect way to support your favorite soccer club for all kinds of occasions.