Soccer Cleats Nike Mercurial Vapor

The Nike Mercurial Vapor, not to be confused with the Nike Mercurial Superfly, is one of the most popular versions of the Nike football boots. It is now considered the standard football boot for strikers.

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As you probably know, this range has been designed to match the playing style of the Brazilian striker Ronaldo. The main idea behind this pair of football boots? Speed! This Nike football boot was first worn at the 1998 World Cup in France. Because this range of football boots was designed to accentuate the speed of football players, the American equipment manufacturer Nike, has always made sure to produce very light Mercurial Vaport. Most recently, in September 2017, the Mercurial Vapor incorporated Flyknit technology for the first time. In addition, Frenchman Kylian Mbappé was chosen as the ambassador for this range of football boots. A new version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor is launched in 2018, the 360. This pair of Nike cleats aims to push the "fit", understanding the support of the foot, to its maximum. This is the first time that Flyknit technology has been used on a pair of football boots at 360 degrees.

Which players wear the Nike Mercurial Vapor?

Many football stars regularly wear the Nike Mercurial Vapor. We can find Leroy Sané, Eden Hazard, Coutinho, Zlatan, Erling Haalandou and Bruno Fernandes. So if you want to get the same cleats as Haaland or Zlatan, don't hesitate.

What are the different ranges of the Nike Mercurial Vapor?

Nike now offers 4 different ranges of the Nike Mercural Vapor. The most expensive version is the Mercurial Vapor Elite, which is the top of the range version. The version just below that is called the Mercurial Vapor Pro, and then there is the Mercurial Vapor Academy. The entry level version is the Mercurial Vapor Club.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Nike once again offers a Nike Mercurial Vapor shoe with a focus on speed. The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 has been designed with four key areas of improvement in mind: traction, feel, fit and style. Indeed, the new Nike Mercurial Vapor is inspired by the wings of a dragonfly.

FlyKnit technology

Nike Mercurial football boots are known for FlyKnit technology, a strong yet lightweight yarn compound that provides optimal foot support where needed, flexibility and breathability in other areas. The Nike Flyknit fabric follows the shape of the foot and offers optimal comfort and freedom of movement to be the fastest on the field. Comfort, lightness and breathability are the keywords of this technology.

Vaporposite Technology

The Nike Mercurial Vapor is equipped with Vaporposite technology, which replaces the FlykNit 360° technology. The Vaporposite upper is made up of four layers of fabric to provide a unique and optimal ball feel in all conditions. Ball control, ball striking and passing will be a breeze with the Nike Mercurial Vapor.

Nike Grip Technology

The NikeGrip technology provides incredible support for the foot. No more blisters caused by the foot rubbing against the shoe when changing direction. The reduced friction allows for a better distribution of the foot's energy during movement for explosive starts.

What is the difference between Mercurial Vapor and Superfly?

The difference is from a design and technical point of view, the Nike Mercurial Superfly is the high version and the Nike Mercurial Vapor is the low version. The Mercurial Superfly has a small sock with Dynamic Fit Collar technology that provides optimal support for the ankle and foot.