Nike Mercurial Superfly Football boots

The Nike Mercurial Superfly is the high version of the Mercurial now considered the benchmark football boot for strikers.

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Nike Mercurial football boots have become a real reference in the world of football, especially for strikers, as they are ultra-light and thus favour the explosiveness of the players who wear them.
The Mercurials allow strikers to exploit all their speed, boost their acceleration and take care of their dribbling.
So you can see why so many great football players decide to wear it, whether it's a low model with the Vapor or a high model with the Superfly.

This second Mercurial is worn by some of the big names in European and world football, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé and Jadon Sancho.

Being the very embodiment of speed, the Mercurial has been constantly reinventing itself since its launch at the feet of Ronaldo during the World Cup 1998 to the present day, particularly in 2014 when the Mercurial Superfly IV will experience a real revolution in the football boot market.
Thanks to Flyknit technology, a three-mesh weave, the uppers of these football studs have become lighter and have been able to offer a better ball touch to the players. Also, to increase stability, a sock integrated into the boot now covers the ankle on the Superfly model. This is the major difference between this one and the Vapor model.