Soccer equipment: bags, shin guards and Soccer Balls

Find here a wide selection of football equipment : bags, protection, care, nutrition and without forgetting the products dedicated to football referees.

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Soccer equipment

At Foot-store, we not only sell Soccer jerseys and Soccer cleats, we also offer a wide variety of Soccer equipment. Soccer equipment makes the difference on match days or training days, because the difference is very much about details in Soccer. In this category dedicated to football equipment, you will find Soccer bags of all brands, protection, care, nutritional products and finally referee accessories.

Soccer bags

To go to football training sessions and matches, it is compulsory for every player to have a Soccer bag to store all Soccer products, such as cleats, jersey and shorts, shower gear, etc. In the category dedicated to football bags, you can find a wide selection of bags of all types, backpacks, wheeled bags, suitcases and sports bags with shoulder straps. The important thing is that you find a bag in which you can store all your stuff, big enough for what you have to carry, but not so big that it takes up too much space. You'll find all kinds of stuff on Foot-store. We have bags of all brands to maximise your chances of finding what you want, adidas, Nike, Uhlsport, Jako, Puma,... in all colours, blue, green, red, black, white and many more. Some bags are even designed for football club fans, such as PSG, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. Foot-store's football bags are full of bargains and bags at unbeatable prices.

Soccer protections

In Soccer, if you want to be able to play full seasons without interruptions due to injuries, it is important to use protections designed for football. It's not about avoiding contact in football, but it's about making sure that you have the best chance to come out of the many duels that football involves. The number one protective gear for footballers is shin guards. At Foot-store, we understand this very well and that's why we offer a wide selection of shin guards of all brands. Some brands even specialise in the field, such as G-Form or Sak Project, which offer very elaborate shin guards. Other less common football shin guards are not mandatory and are mainly used if the player is already in pain, such as ankle, elbow, knee, shoulder or leg protectors. We have thought of all football players to offer the most complete range of football protection on the web.

Football care

Football pads are not enough to prevent all injuries and contact in a football match, so we also offer a wide range of equipment to treat the injured. These include heating and cooling products, bandages as well as complete medical bags. This care equipment will be essential for a football club, but can be just as important for any football player.

Football player nutrition

Every detail counts, and the great sportsmen and women have understood that. The difference is made during the match, but also during preparation, especially in terms of nutrition. It is important to eat a balanced diet and to hydrate frequently. To accompany you in this ultra important nutrition process for any athlete, we offer you to find many nutritional products in this dedicated category: drinks, energy gels, energy bars, Whey, Mass gainer, protein bars and various accompanying accessories.

Football referees equipment

We often talk about football equipment for football players, but less about football equipment for referees. Referees have other essential equipment than players. Without this equipment, football matches cannot be played properly: whistles to enforce the rules of the game and to hold the match, yellow and red cards to sanction players, touchline referee flags to make every decision taken by the refereeing body visible and various electronic equipment such as stopwatches, watches and other gadgets.