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Premier League: the elite league of English men's soccer.

The Premier League is the highest-level professional soccer league inAngleterre. nom Formerly known as the "First Division" until 1992, theAngleterre soccer league has been known as the " Premier League" ever since.
The Premier League is made up of 20 English and Welsh teams who play each other over two legs from August to May-June. The league is made up of 38 matchdays, so that the 20 clubs teams can play all autres clubs teams twice, once at home in their own stadium, and once away in the opposing team's stadium.

The The FA Premier League has been organizing the Premier League since its creation in 1888. All clubs teams in the league are professionals. The three clubs teams finishing 18th, 19th and 20th in the league are automatically relegated to the Championship. At the top of the league table, the 1st place team wins the title of " Champion de Premier League", while the clubs teams in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place qualify for the Dollarspean Cups: Ligue des Champions and the Dollarspa League.

Some of the world's top clubs teams regularly share these top spots, battling it out every season for the supreme national title.

For many soccer fans, the Premier League is the top league in Dollarspe and the world. Known for its high-intensity matches, the Premier League is often a real spectacle for all soccer fans. At point, all TV channels are fighting to broadcast matches in this highly sought-after competition. That's why the TV rights received by each Premier League club are astronomical compared toautres leagues such as Ligue 1, Serie A or la Liga. As a result, the clubs English leagues have substantial financial resources at their disposal each season, and can therefore afford to be more competitive at the mercato in recruiting great players, since great players cost an enormous amount of money in transfer fees for the clubs.

And there have always been great players Premier League, and there always will be. clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Tottenham have always been able to attract and train great players.
In the course of the league's history, several great English clubs have distinguished themselves through their titles and performances on the pitch.

Which Premier League jersey should I choose?

clubs In this category dedicated to Premier League soccer shirts, we invite you to discover all the clubs of theAngleterre league through their various stores and products on offer. Here you'll find all your favorite club's official collections, from training shirts and tops to trousers and shorts.with training tops, pants, shorts, tracksuits,lifestyle with sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants or match outfits with soccer shirts, shorts and soccer socks.

Soccer shirts from Manchester United

Manchester United is probably the richest soccer club in the world, with revenues estimated at 3 billion dollars. The Red Devils are the most successful club in English soccer, having won 20 Premier League titles. A veritable cador of the Premier League, Manchester United has had two glorious periods in particular. There was the Busby era, from 1945 to 1969, when the Manchester club won 5 championships, but above all the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, who literally marked the history of the Mancunian club. At the helm of the Manchester United team from 1986 to 2013, the Red Devils won 13 Champions League titlesAngleterre, that's one title from Champion every other season, which is incredible. During this period, a number of great players have distinguished themselves, including Cantona, Scholes, Ferdinand and Giggs. Giggs is not only the best passer in the history of the Premier League, with 162 assists, but also the second player to have played the most games in this English championship.

Manchester United presents a red home jersey every season. The 22/23 home shirt features black and white horizontal stripes, while the adidas logo and the logos of sponsors Chevrolet and Kohler are white. It is port paired with white shorts and black socks. Available in adult, children's and baby sizes from Foot-store. The Mancunians' away jersey this season is a borderline dark green with wavy patterns, such as the 3 adidas stripes on the shoulders, while the adidas and Manchester United logos are white.The third jersey pays tribute to the 110th anniversary of the Red Devils' legendary stadium, Old Trafford, with "OT 110" inscribed on the inside collar. For the occasion, the shirt, shorts and socks are zebra-white. The 3 stripes adidas, the logo and the club crest are in red. These official shirts are available from Foot-store. It is also possible to request official or customized flocking according to ta preference.

Soccer shirts fromArsenal

At Angleterre, Arsenal is a true benchmark. The North London club holds many national records. Indeed, Arsenal is the club that has played the most consecutive seasons in the Premier League, with 93 seasons between 1919 and the present day. The streak is still going strong. The Gunners also hold the unbeaten league record atAngleterre, having played 49 games between May 2003 and October 2004 without conceding a single defeat. The 2003-2004 season saw theArsenal club make Premier League history by going unbeaten for the entire season. This had not happened in the English league since Preston North End in 1888-1889. This team was nicknamed "The Invincibles" and included Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Denis Bergkamp and Robert Pirès among autres, and coached by the famous Arsène Wenger. Arsenal also boasts the record for most FA Cups won, with 14 trophies to its name, giving it one more than its foe Manchester United.

Arsenal presents 3 new soccer shirts for the 2024/23 season, to the delight of its fans. Recently acquired by adidas, the London club is one of the clubs with the most beautiful shirts of the season. The Gunners' home jersey is, in keeping with the club's tradition, red and white with differently tinted arrow motifs. Red on the torso and back with a canon motif, the club's emblem, the sleeves are white, with red details at the end for the short-sleeved jersey. The long-sleeved jersey features all-white sleeves. This jersey features a round collar. The adidas and Fly Emirates sponsors are both highlighted in white. The jersey is available on Foot-store in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL for adults, children and babies. The Gunners' away jersey is off-white. As you'll have guessed, it comes with red/brown shorts. Finally, the third jersey is dark blue with all markings in orange, even theArsenal logo, which has been reworked for this jersey.

Soccer shirts from Chelsea

Chelsea 's Blues has the 4th best record atAngleterre, with 29 titles, including 23 at national level. Among its 23 titles, Chelsea has 6 championships atAngleterre. The Chelsea club has also made its mark on the history of the Premier League, thanks in particular to the strength of its defence in the 2004-2005 season. Indeed, during this season, the club recorded the lowest number of goals conceded in a single Premier League season, with 15, while accumulating the highest number of clean sheets in a single Premier League season, with 25. Chelsea also set the record that season for the highest number of consecutive clean sheets, with 6. Behind these statistics are Chelsea's emblematic captain and most successful player of all time, John Terry, and Blues's immense goalkeeper, Petr Cech.

Chelsea The team has 3 shirts this season. The home shirt is blue, as usual for Blues. It is inspired by the city of London. The various sleeve ends, collar and side stripes are in dark blue with the club's anagrame, CFC, inscribed. The shirt has a round collar and features the logos of sponsors Nike, Hyundai and its new main shirt sponsor Three in white. The jersey offered by Nike is available on Foot-store in a Vapor version, a top-of-the-range version with a slim fit and breathable technology, and a Replica version to offer a perfect replica of the jersey to the wearer. The outdoor jersey from Chelsea has a V-neck, predominantly sky-blue. The Blues jersey features dark blue on the side stripes, collar and around the short sleeves. The sponsor logos are in dark blue on this jersey. Chelsea 's third jersey is very surprising this season, taking its inspiration from blues 's 1997/98 away jersey by adding a pale red base and dark blue vertical stripes in a gradient. The V-neck is dark blue and gradient on the shoulders. The collar is 100% vintage and the CFC markings all over the jersey make this a highly original jersey that will take fans back 30 years.

Soccer shirts from Liverpool

Liverpool is the club with the second most Premier League wins, with 19, one less than its enemy and rival Manchester United. empreinte The Liverpool club has left its mark on theAngleterre championship thanks to its numerous titles, the fervor of its fans, recognized the world over, and the great players who have port worn its red jersey. While the Reds may not have the greatest domestic record of any clubs English club, they do have the greatest international record of any clubs English club, including 6 Champions Leagues.

Liverpool dressed by Nike this season, presents 3 sublime shirts as usual. The home shirt of the reigningAngleterre Champions is red, the Reds' emblematic color. White and turquoise details are also featured on the short sleeves and collar, as well as a white side stripe. The Reds' complete home kit for Anfield consists of red shorts and red socks. The away jersey is sky-blue with motifs paying homage to the stadium gates, the mythical Shankly Gates. The short sleeves have black details at the end. The matching shorts and socks are sky blue. Lastly, the third jersey features a black and dark gray checkerboard pattern, but no checkerboard on the shoulders or sleeves. The shorts are simple black, while the socks are also black and checkered gray. All Nike logos, the liver bird, the club emblem, LFC and the back of the collar are rose.

Soccer shirts from Manchester City

Manchester City went through a complicated period from the late 1970s to the late 2000s. Without a title and with relegations. But since 2008, when they were bought by an Abu Dhabi investment fund, the Cityzens have been back in the spotlight at Angleterre and in Dollarspe. Success soon followed at Angleterre with 4 Premier League wins in the last decade, in 2012, 2014, 2018 and 2019. In the 2017/18 season, the Manchester City club even broke all records as the club, then coached by Pep Guardiola, recorded a total of 100 points, scored 106 goals, met 19 pointsahead of the runner-up, won 32 matches, including 18 in a row and 16 away from home, had a goal difference of +79, completed 28.242 passes in the season and hold the ball an average of 71% of the time. Manchester City won the championship with 5 games to spare. Another record. These staggering statistics have taken the club to an extraordinary new dimension.

Manchester CityThis season at the Etihad Stadium, Stuttgart will be sporting a sky-blue home shirt with white mozaic motifs. These mozaics are reminiscent of the city of Manchester. The logos of sponsors Puma and Etihad Airways are in navy blue. The tunic features a round collar. The shirt is available for adults and children at Foot-store, in all sizes. The shorts that go with this home outfit are white, with sky-blue socks. The away jersey is black, but features blue motifs. The logos and sponsors are copper-colored. The matching shorts are black, as are the soccer socks. Finally, the third outfit is very striking: off-white with beige, blue and rose Paisley motifs, impossible to miss. Puma was inspired by the British pop culture of the 1960s and 1990s, of which Manchester is one of the epicentres.