Soccer Jerseys of theAS Roma 2024/24

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AS Roma is one of Italy's most famous clubs clubs, thanks to the titles it has won, its popularity at Italie and its geographical location, since the giallorossi are in the heart of the Eternal City, Rome. In fact,AS Roma shares the city of Rome with its historic rival, Lazio. The rivalry between these two clubs is one of the strongest in the world, due to their proximity and the fervor of their respective fans. In fact, the two clubs share the same stadium: Rome's Olimpico stadium, which often hosts major sporting events such as Champions League finals. The stadium will also host various UEFA Dollars 2020 matches, including those of Italy's national soccer team, the Squadra Azzura.

The club'scusson is a reference to the club's emblem, the statue of the She-wolf, which nurtured Remus and Romulus, the founders of the city of Rome. Consequently, the club's nickname is the She-Wolf, "il lupetto" in Italian. Roma's honours list includes just 3 scudetti, 9 cups fromItalie and 2 supercups fromItalie.

AS Roma is the main outsider to the 3 northern giants of theItalie: Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Abroad, the club is world-renowned and respected for the great players who have port worn the purple and gold jersey and remained loyal to it, such as Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi to name but a few.

AS Roma fans are among the most fervent onItalie with the famous Olimpico stadium. Every season, fans buy the shirts of this historic club to support their team at every match.

Home jersey AS Roma 2024/23

On Foot-store, we offer you the full range of AS Roma shirts . Roma's home jersey is, as always, red and gold, in keeping with the club's traditional colors. Designed by American outfitter Nike, the AS Roma 2024/23 home jersey is based on the design of the 1979/80 season's jersey, with bright red and a block with shades of orange and yellow on the chest. All sizes are available for the iconic Louve shirt .

Outer jersey AS Roma 2024/23

The AS Roma away jersey is white with a red and yellow shirt collar. Thecusson of the Roman club is replaced by thecusson made in 1978 by Piero Gratton. This logo has been frequently used on the away jersey since the early 2000s. It depicts a wolf's head "il lupetto". The sleeve ends and stripes on each side are bright red. You can buy this sublime jersey for men, women or children.

Third jersey AS Roma 2024/23

The AS Roma 2024/23 third jersey is out of the ordinary. The club's outfitter, Nike, has unveiled a predominantly black jersey with orange and black shoulders. The club logo and Nike swoosh are orange. The design is similar to the Liverpool third jersey, with two stripes down the side. Don't wait any longer and get your child's AS roma third jersey at the lowest price on Foot-store .

Equipment AS Roma

In this category AS Roma, you'll find all the club's official products, including soccer shirts, lifestyle outfits and training outfits, including training tops Nike and polos AS Roma.

We also offer you the opportunity to flock the nom of your favorite Romaplayers on the club's soccer shirts, such as Dzeko, Zaniolo, or Pellegrini, or to make a personalized flock with your nom or that of someone close to you.