Football training suits of all types

We have selected the best football training products from Nike, adidas, Puma, Hummel, Macron and Under Armour to delight all football enthusiasts. Shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and windbreakers, sweatshirts, compressions and socks for men, women and children at competitive prices.

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Football requires appropriate clothing to achieve excellence. At Foot-store, you can find a range of training clothes, with a design similar to those worn by professionals. We offer you several replica versions of the official uniforms of some of the world's top teams to make you feel like your idols and boost your motivation.

Training clothes for your sessions

Usually played in the open air, football puts you face to face with a variety of weather conditions, especially the heat of summer. In this case, light clothing is highly recommended. We offer a wide selection of training jerseys from leading brands such as Nike, adidas, Hummel, Under Armour and Puma. With long or short sleeves, they have a highly functional, stretchy and very light polyester-based design. These features ensure maximum comfort and performance. Their moisture wicking system and perfect ventilation ensure fast drying to maintain a good body temperature throughout the workout. Several replica models are available: Nike DRI-FIT Strike or Academy, adidas Tiro and adidas Squadra or Puma Team Liga.

Your favourite training shorts

Refine your summer training wardrobe by falling for one of our very comfortable shorts. Macron, Kappa, Nike, adidas, Eldera, Select and Puma have designed these shorts for maximum freshness and mobility in all your activities, with a focus on flexibility, lightness and desirability. Whether you wish to homogenise your outfit or vary the colours, you can choose between the very elegant and sober design of Nike and Adidas or with Omini by Kappa and Hummel's herringbone to complete your outfit. Just like the tops, they are also available in men's and women's cuts, for adults and juniors.

Warm clothing for the winter seasons

We often lack the motivation to go outside during the cold season. At Foot-store we have the solution to this problem. A wide selection of jackets, windbreakers and sweatshirts are available to help you brave the elements and practice your favourite sport without any constraints. Developed to provide the ideal temperature, excellent moisture wicking and mobility, they allow you to train efficiently in bad weather. Their silky interior textile provides a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin for optimal comfort. They also prevent excess heat that can impair your performance. With pockets, with or without zippers, they allow you to keep accessories or electronic devices within easy reach. Players or supporters, men, women or children are sure to find what they are looking for on our page.

Warm, soft and breathable training trousers

For daily training sessions or outings in cooler weather, you can choose between regular or tight-fitting trousers. These trousers are made of soft, breathable fabric with excellent thermal insulation, and offer casual comfort above all. The elastic waistband and a tightened bottom ensure that they are well supported and guarantee maximum concentration during all your exercises. For better breathability and increased mobility, you can opt for models made of thinner, stretchy and highly functional fabric. With a cut close to the body, they allow a natural movement of the feet. The high-performance moisture wicking system keeps you warm and dry during all your activities.

Compression accessories to boost your performance

Produced by the big names in this field such as Nike, Errea, Erima and Joma, these jerseys, shorts, tights, sleeves, brassiere and compression socks are designed for intensive efforts, recovery exercises and training in cool weather. With good muscle contraction, improved blood circulation and increased moisture wicking, they guarantee both comfort and performance.

The best football socks on the market

Playing about 98% of football is played with the feet, so it requires a certain quality of socks. At Foot-store you can choose between low, medium and high models. Designed with highly functional elastic fabric, these well supported football socks keep your feet cool and dry during the effort for maximum comfort. The socks are designed to fit the shape of your feet perfectly and allow natural movement for seamless mobility. The padded reinforcements on the sensitive areas provide both excellent cushioning and optimum safety.