Kid's goalie gloves BKeeper Galactic II

Kid's goalie gloves BKeeper Galactic II
Starting at: $44.98
Protect your goals with style and performance thanks to the BKeeper Galactic II junior goalkeeper gloves, featuring 4mm contact foam and an innovative hybrid cut!
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Starting at: $44.98
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Kid's goalie gloves BKeeper Galactic II

Combining style and performance!

Show your loyalty to GALACTIC II junior goalkeeper gloves all over the soccer field! These kids' gloves feature 4 mm contact foam, making you impenetrable! It features a double elastic bandage that adapts to your wrist. Its hybrid cut gives you sensations you've never had in your goals! What's more, it comes with removable bars to prevent sprains. Equip yourself like a goalkeeper pro!

gant features:

  • Hybrid cut: yes
  • Negative cut: no
  • Elastic bandage: yes
  • Removable bandage: no
  • Dry terrain: 5/5
  • Wet: 3/5
  • Non-slip gel: yes

Additional Information

Brand BKeeper
Manufacturer SKU 19091-19093
Color black red
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Junior
Assortment Gardien
Barette With fingersave bars
Condition of use Versatile / All surfaces
Couture Hybrid
Cut Hybrid