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In football, in order to progress at the performance level, there is no miracle. Practice, again and again, is the only formula that can guarantee the success of a club. And to practice in the right conditions, no matter what the situation, quality equipment is essential! That's why adidas, Puma, Macron, Jako, Joma or Kappa have set out to provide amateur clubs with the best club football equipment. Packs, training equipment, care, field equipment... on our site, you will find products from the biggest sports and football brands at a discounted price.

Which field equipment should I choose?

Since football is played on a regulation surface, unless it's just for fun, your club will need the right pitch equipment. Starting with the goals! These are essential for a football match or training session to run smoothly. No matter how many players are on the field, we have goals for 8 or even 11 players. Robust and easy to move, our models are made of light material like aluminium. This is the case with the MARACANA 11-a-side football goal. There are also models with smaller dimensions that can be folded for greater convenience. However, goals are of little use without a net! Made of polyethylene, this one is very solid. No clear idea on the question? The Tremblay 11 player 4 mm MS 145 European football net should do the trick! This one is offered at an unbeatable price!

And to help the referee signal a ball out of play, your club needs touch flags. Our models have a rotating system to prevent them from rolling up.

Finally, for field marking, you need a roller marking machine or a spray paint marking wheelbarrow. What do they have in common? They are very handy and ensure accurate work.

How to choose training equipment for a club?

In the world of football, training is a determining factor in the success of a team. It is from these sessions that the coach or trainer fine-tunes the tactical set-up. However, no matter how brilliant the coaching, it will not bring results without good football equipment. Thus, quality training equipment is required to properly prepare training sessions for amateur clubs. On the site, discover a wide range of equipment to train in any weather condition, winter or summer. For example, your team needs to train physically or perfect technical skills with blocks and cones. Opt for the models from Patrick! They are made of soft, but solid PVC cones. When it comes to studs, choose the ones made by Erima. For movement exercises to work on agility or coordination, hoops are recommended. And for effective free kick training, you need dummies to act as a wall. At the end of a training session, it is not uncommon for the coach to end the session with an opposition between players. In this case, chasubles are needed to distinguish the participants.

One last detail: don't forget to bring a pump in case the ball needs to be inflated.

What care items should I choose?

As we all know, contact and shocks are quite frequent in this sport. As a result, players, whether amateur or professional, are exposed to the risk of injury. A first aid kit is therefore inevitable for any club to perform first aid. In case of a sprained ankle for example, bandages are recommended to support the foot without constricting it. Choose between the black models developed by Uhlsport or the Tensoplast 5 cm x 4.5 m from Select. At the moment, they are at a low price!

But if a player gets a blow, cold products such as cold spray are the best way to quickly soothe the pain. You want to avoid strains? Use warm products such as balms to ideally relax your muscles and get back into the rhythm of the game. For rehabilitation, we also have products for this purpose, such as the Nike pro 2.0 ankle band.

Which pack for amateur footballers?

As football cannot be played without a ball, your club needs to have one for both training and matches. Need some help to guide you in your choice? Opt for a set of 5 Glaze Light balls from Jako. In terms of outfits, sets of jerseys, shorts and socks are also available to play in comfort. Find clothes for men, women and children with a wide choice of colours and sizes.