Football goalkeepers: all outfits.

In the world of training wear, the Goalkeeper has its place! Here you will find all football goalkeeper outfits, jerseys, shorts, trousers as well as compression items such as undershirts or trousers.

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Being a goalkeeper is not an easy task. However, with the right equipment it becomes child's play. We have sourced from renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas and many others to be able to provide you with the ideal goalkeeper's outfit for all your matches and exercises.

Goalkeeper equipment for everyone

With or without sleeves, these goalie tops for men, women and juniors are made of light, soft and breathable fabric. Most of them incorporate mesh panels at strategic points to promote ventilation to keep your body cool and dry and keep you at peak performance throughout the effort. These qualities also guarantee maximum freshness and comfort at all times.

Wake up your child's big goalie by giving him his favourite goalie's jersey!

Warm caretaker clothing for winter activities

For your matches and training sessions in cool weather, opt for these comfortable and high-performance goalkeeper jackets and sweatshirts. Offering good thermal insulation, they benefit from a light and flexible textile design that allows for high levels of traction for top-level stops, worthy of the best goals in the world. They have an excellent moisture wicking system to avoid excess heat.

Goalkeeper shorts for men and women

With a regular fit, these very comfortable and flexible shorts allow a natural movement of the lower part of the body to allow you to intercept every shot with the dynamism of a pro.

Fitted cut models give more freedom thanks to a second skin effect. Their padding on the hips or knees guarantee safe dives.

A child-size replica of the AS Monaco home shorts is also available to boost the motivation of your future champion.

A wide selection of goalkeeper's trousers

Made of flexible, light and functional textile, these goalkeeper trousers are very soft to the touch and perfectly combine comfort and performance. Benefiting from a good management of humidity and body temperature, they allow you to move as you wish to defend your cages efficiently.

Other models are equipped with flexible foam reinforcements on the sides and kneecaps to give you optimal protection during all your parades. With a ribbed bottom and elastic waistband, they offer excellent support for maximum concentration.

For more freshness or to enhance your legs, you can opt for our pantacourts of choice. Well supported at the waist with an elastic waistband, these goalie trousers incorporate padded padding at hip and knee level to prevent injuries and pain caused by falls.

Compression garments for goalies

Extremely flexible, functional and lightweight, these compression underpads are perfect for intensive efforts and exercises in cool weather. They guarantee excellent regulation of body temperature and humidity, providing not only maximum comfort, but also perfect mobility. Very soft padding runs along the arm to increase your safety when diving.

Items for little girls

Dedicated to little enthusiasts, these perfectly supported bras are made of highly functional fabric combined with a minimalist design, guaranteeing an optimal feeling of freshness at all times. They are perfect for training in hot weather.

They can be combined with one of our very comfortable and flexible leggings. Perfect for all types of exercises, these very flexible tights allow a natural movement of the lower limbs for better performance.