PSG x Jordan: the new lifestyle collection

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PSG X Jordan lifestyle collection

The Jordan brand began its partnership with PSG in the 2018/19 season. This is a first for a football team to be dressed by the famous brand owned by Nike. Jumpman hopes to take advantage of this signature with Paris Saint Germain to grow internationally, outside the United States, where its main activity is located. Why Paris? Jordan has had a very special relationship with the capital of France since 2003, since it organizes a major basketball and hip-hop event there every year, called Quai 54. What's more, PSG's appeal is enormous as the club has taken on a huge dimension in Europe and around the world in recent seasons due to its sporting performances and great players. Moreover, Paris is an important city in terms of street culture and is one of the world's capitals. Jordan really has the will to grow in the world and to go beyond basketball. So football is necessarily the sport that makes the Jumpman dream.

The PSG products branded Jordan are products that combine the street culture that is so dear to the brand and the world of Paris Saint-Germain. Nowadays, football and fashion are very close, as the impact of football on our daily lives is so important. Shirts are more and more being worn off the pitch, and Nike and Jordan have understood this very well.

Official football shirts

This season, the players of Paris Saint-Germain have 4 different football shirts to play all the official matches. Two of them are branded Jordan Shirts, the outer Shirt and the fourth Shirt. The flashi red outer Shirt features a black Jordan logo, while the fourth Shirt, unveiled in January 2020, is essentially black with 3 blue white and red stripes in the middle of the Shirt and features a white Jordan logo. These two Shirts perfectly symbolize the close relationship, desired by Jordan, between streetwear culture and typical football outfits. These Shirts are in a way headliners for the other products of the PSG x Jordan lifestyle collection. They introduce the collection and set the tone.

Streetwear products

A multitude of streetwear products therefore accompany the releases of these official Jordan branded Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, Shirts, pants and many others. This collection of textile pieces aims to reach a large number of fans of Paris saint-Germain, since they can wear these outfits to go to the stadium or simply for everyday life, but also to reach all people who appreciate these pieces. Many t-shirts or other items do not carry the PSG logo, so a person can wear a product without even knowing the reference to the club in the capital. This is therefore a strong asset of this lifestyle collection, but it is not the only one, because the products presented are often predominantly black or white, which makes the product easy to wear and above all timeless. As for the products where the colours of the PSG, blue and red, are more striking, they will probably sell more in the short term.
Each coming season promises to be rich for PSG thanks to this lifestyle collaboration with the Jordan brand, many outfits are still to come.