Hurdles & hoops

Complete your training equipments materials with the hurdles and hoops necessary for the football trainings of amateur football clubs. 

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In the world of soccer, an amateur club needs adequate equipment in order to evolve. Find training equipment such as hurdles and hoops from leading brands such asPatrick, Macron, Tremblay CT, Select or Lynx Sport at unbeatable prices.

Equipment of impeccable quality

As everyone knows, optimal training requires the use of appropriate equipment. In order to help amateur soccer clubs to progress in the long term, sports equipment manufacturers such as Macron, Select, Lynx Sport, Tremblay CT or Patrick offer them high quality equipment. Find in a few clicks hurdles and hoops to get the most out of each training session. All at a price defying all competition !

Products dedicated to amateur clubs

Even if you train for long hours, without the right equipment the performance will unfortunately always be low. It is therefore very important to use quality equipment. On our site you can find training equipment to develop key aspects: speed, agility, precision, endurance, etc..... We also suggest materials to train according to the different phases of the game: ball retention, center, underdog, counter-attack, play in small spaces ... That's not all, occasionally unearths products from the biggest brands of sports and soccer. Discover a wide range of products available with a wide choice of colors (white, black, blue, red, green...) and sizes. There is something for everyone as we have training equipment for adults and children. Their price is also accessible to all.

Which hurdles should I choose?

Do you want to gain explosiveness and coordination during your training sessions? Then you need hurdles! They will allow you to work on different aspects such as the muscular reinforcement of the lower body or the coordination between the upper and lower body. These materials can also be used for a good warm-up. Don't know which models to choose? Well, we're here to help! To buy smart, you can take for example the set of 24 traininghurdles 40 cm from Macron. Do you want other options? We suggest the medium hurdle 24 cm or the large hurdle 30 cm developed by Patrick and for the little champions, the training hurdle for children by Select.

In order to avoid injuries to the youngest, our models are made of special materials that ensure their flexibility and suppleness in all circumstances. Some of them are even foldable for easy storage and transportation. Get these hurdles at the best price !

Which hoops to choose?

The hoop is part of the basic equipment for soccer training. When it comes to improving coordination, precision, relaxation, power, plyometrics,explosiveness and support, it is undoubtedly the most suitable tool. Very interesting for the ground work, it offers the possibility to the coach to set up a circuit and to work the reaction time as well as the speed in all directions. You hesitate in your choices? Then choose the set of 12 flat coordinationhoops from Lynx Sport. At cas où you would like to see other models, the 50 cm hoops elaborated by Tremblay CT will do very well! Made of PVC, they are both light and durable. Treat yourself to these high quality materials at a low price !

To make moving and training easier, there is a hoop rack that allows you to carry up to 15 flat hoops or 8 round hoops.

Are you a member of an amateur club and looking for quality soccer equipment for training? Look no further, because you've come to the right place! On our website you can find a wide range of products in different colors and sizes and enjoy one of the best quality/price ratios on the market .For every purchase made, we can guarantee delivery of the article to you at rapide. So a piece of advice: don't wait any longer to buy your new equipment, especially since they are currently on sale !