Field equipments

Discover in this category the field equipment for your club. Find goals and nets, shelters, field marking equipments and sidelines flags on Foot-Store.

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Whether it is practiced at an amateur or professional level, soccer requires equipment that is both complete and appropriate. Find goals and nets, dugouts, tra&equipment, touch flags from renowned brands like Lynx Sport, Select, Macron, Sporti France, Metalu Plast or Tremblay CT. All at unbeatable prices!

Field equipment with proven reliability

Soccer players need specific equipment in order to play in the right conditions. Déniche offers quality field equipment for amateur clubs , such asgoals and nets, dugouts, tra&equipment, and sideline flags .Accessible at low prices, these are designed by famous brands such as Lynx Sport, Select, Macron, Sporti France, Metalu Plast or Tremblay CT.

Appropriate field materials for amateur clubs

In theworld of football, it is essential to have quality equipment in order to constantly improve performance at each training session. On our website, we offer the necessary equipment for the good progress of soccer trainings. In order to help for example the players to refine their techniques, we have the right equipment to set up tactical games with goals, work on finishing in front of the goal or training of goalkeepers. Access also to the products of the most important brands of sports and soccer. If you are looking for equipment for amateur clubs, benefit in a few clicks from a wide range of products and a varied choice of colors and sizes. You have a limited budget? That's good news, our products are on special offer.

Which goals and nets to choose?

Apart from the ball, they are part of the essential equipment without which a training session or a match cannot take place normally, it is of course the goals and nets! If you are hesitating in your choice, we can suggest you for example the Football goal net 6x2,10 m standard 2mm from Lynx Sport! This net is very durable, as it is fully reinforced on the perimeter. If you are not convinced, then opt for the European Football Net 11 players 4 mm MS 145 from Tremblay .

As far as soccer goals are concerned, the Quick Fire 3 x 2m from Lynx Sport or the Auto-lest Aluminum Mini Goal from Sporti France are perfect for training sessions , but for a real game, the Transportable Aluminum 11-a-side goals designed by Sporti France are more appropriate. They are strong, light and easy to move and you are lucky, they are currently available at the best price.

Which side shelters should I choose?

Since only the referee and players are allowed on the field, the substitutes and other staff can watch the game from their dugouts. At cas où you are looking for a quality bench but you don't know which brand to choose, the 6m model manufactured byLynx Sport will do the trick.It has a high resistance anodized aluminum structure and transparent polycarbonate back and side panels. Its price? The lowest on the market!

What about the equipment at traçage?

A regulation soccer field has specific tra&lines: touch line, surface line, center circle, point penalty kick, center line... Due to the weather and the repeated passage of players, these lines require regular maintenance. For this purpose, you need equipment from traçage! Forexample, you can use the tra&spray paint wheelbarrow developed by Sporti France. It is very easy to handle thanks to its low weight and has solid rubber wheels. And if you don't want to run out of paint, we recommend Tremblay 's white paint for rollers and sprayers .

What about sideline flags?

During a game, the referee must be able to signal to the players when the ball crosses the field line at any time. This is the main function of the side flags. Do you need help in your choice? Choose for example the Side Flag Set from Macron. Very useful for refereeing, this pair of yellow and orange checkered flags is equipped with a clip for a better hold. But you can also take the Amateur side flag from Select.