adidas X football boots

The adidas X football boot is the fastest pair of football boots on the market. Mohamed Salah won't deny it.

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Be unstoppable with this pair of adidas X football boots.

Fast, explosive

The adidas X is the ultimate pair for players who want to let go of big accelerations in the middle of a match. With its unmatched light weight, the adidas X football boot will allow you to exploit your full speed and push you to go beyond your limits.
Its "Clawcollar" structure gives it a unique stability and reactivity to multiply the small supports as quickly as possible.
Each ball, each acceleration, a difference. Don't leave your opponents any more choice with this pair of cleats, force them to run behind you.
Players like Mohamed Salah or N'golo Kanté have logically chosen this pair to break the lines and make them run forwards.

Choose your pair!

At Foot-store, we offer you to find this pair with or without laces according to your preferences. Many colours are available for men, women and children. Choose the right pair for the type of field you usually play football on: greasy, dry, synthetic or indoor.