Soccer shoes adidas Nemeziz

Adidas football boots are probably the most worn football boots. Not least thanks to Leo Messi and his silo: the adidas Nemeziz football boots.

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Adidas Nemeziz Football Boots

Mystify your opponents with this formidable pair of adidas Nemeziz football  Boots. Queen of agility and speed, this pair has been specially designed for players who like to challenge and eliminate their opponents. The Adidas Nemeziz replaced in 2015 the Messi silo which was worn almost exclusively by the Pulga. Therefore, more players will be able to wear it. 

Where does the name Nemeziz come from ? According to legend, the adidas Nemeziz takes its name from the rivalry between Lionel Messi and his biggest rival Cristiano Ronaldo who would therefore be his Némesis (means biggest rival). The design also recalls the world of combat and opposition between the two GOATs. The original design imitates the strapping used by boxers in training and before putting on the gloves in the ring. The Nemeziz is therefore the pair of crampons that takes up even the most improbable challenges.  

adidas Nemeziz: innovative technologies

Thought to be as adjusted as possible to the shape of the foot, the adidas Nemeziz crampons accumulate many technologies that make the Nemeziz an undeniable asset on the pitch.

Flexible and comfortable bands called "360 Agility Bandage System" offer an irreproachable support of the foot, even without laces. A new type of collar "Dual Lock Collar" has been designed to maintain the ankle and guarantee its stability.

The "360 Torsion Tape" technology supports the arch of the foot and thus provides additional support during lateral movements made by the player.

Particularly light, the Nemeziz takes care of this feeling, particularly with the "Agility Knit 2.0" fit and the "Torsion Frame" outsole.

You will understand, this pair has all the necessary technologies to facilitate your dribbling and acceleration on small and large football fields. 

Which players wear the adidas Nemeziz football boot?

This pair of Nemeziz is for the unpredictable players. These players who in a fraction of a second can break through the barrier of the opposing defense with a single dribble, a change of direction, an acceleration, a stroke of genius from elsewhere like Lionel Messi, Roberto Firmino, Serge Gnabry or even Isco and Florian Thauvin. 

Until today you still have the impression that your shoes are slowing you down? So choose this pair and you'll feel like you're playing barefoot.

What are the different ranges of the adidas Nemeziz?  

Each new version of the adidas Nemeziz follows the same pattern with a high-end version the Nemeziz 20+ for some players including Messi who in addition often has a personalized design. A second top-of-the-range version is available for other players: the Nemeziz 20.1 equipped with all innovative adidas technologies and usually with laces. The two mid-range versions 20.2 and 20.3 are more affordable but have fewer innovations, however you have the choice between the laceless version or with laces. The adidas Nemeziz 20.4 represents the entry level of the silo. 

Whatever the range, the adidas Nemeziz has several colors with the different adidas packs such as the Motion to Blur,pack Superstealth, Mastery Black or Superlative. 

Make your choice !

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