Treadmill DKN Technology Roadrun [Size 188x90x141 cm]

Treadmill DKN Technology Roadrun [Size 188x90x141 cm]
Enhance your workout with the Treadmill DKN Technology Roadrun - save energy with its quiet, high-performance 2.8 motor hp!
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Treadmill DKN Technology Roadrun

Reduced energy consumption: the silent motor with 2.8 HP continuous power and 4.5 HP peak power reduces energy consumption by 40%.
The RoadRun-i is one of the quietest and most flexible treadmills on the market.
Shock absorption and support at every step are ensured by the progressive shock-absorbing system, while the integrated hydraulic shock-absorbing system reduces impact during walking.
Impact on joints and ligaments is reduced by 15% compared to road running.
The extra-wide, 53 x 148 cm long running surface is equipped with a 3.3 mm thick orthopedic treadmill, which ensures a perfect balance between cushioning and surface sol. The effect is the same as walking on grass.
With RoadRun-i, you experience a workout where you're the center of attention.
Set the intensity of your workout, view all the data, including your workout position, all integrated into an LED console. The innovative control system lets you adjust speed and incline using ergonomic switches on the front control panel.
For cardio training, connect the Bluetooth transmitter or activity trackers (BT 4.0).
All data is displayed on the various LED windows during training. 28 programs including 1 manual program, 24 presets, 1 heart rate program and 4 user profiles.
Rediscover a natural "run", create a new environment.
Download and discover the world with Kinomap.
Make the world your training ground. Select a route, press Start and follow the map, including incline variations, at your own pace.
Record all your workouts in your own iLog and share them via social media.
"Run the world at home.
Powered by a new 2.8 HP continuous duty motor, with peak performance of 4.5 HP, the RoadRun-i reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.
The RoadRun-i is one of the quietest and smoothest treadmills on the market.
The extra-wide, 53 cm long x 148 cm padded running deck is equipped with a 3.3 mm orthopedic running belt, which complements and supports the perfect balance between shock absorption and surface of sol. The effect is similar to that of running on grass.
The RoadRun-i offers the Progressive Shock Absorption System, which balances each stride to maximize cushioning and support, while the Integrated Hydraulic Shock Absorption System progressively reduces impact as you run. The integrated hydraulic shock absorption system progressively reduces impact as you run, reducing the impact on your joints by 15% compared to road running.
Your training experience is built around you. Modify your training intensity, view your race data and your training position: all integrated into an LED display.
Console controls let you change speed and incline using ergonomic switches on the front panel.
Set your speed and incline at the touch of a button. The One Touch Control buttons let you directly control speed and inclination settings at the touch of a button.
The RoadRun-i uses Bluetooth 4.0 for more accurate heart rate recording. Compatible with Bluetooth chest belt or activity trackers.
All your workout data is displayed in various LED windows. 28 programs, including 1 start rapide, 24 preset runs, 1 heart rate training route and 4 user profiles.
The console is equipped with a tablet holder so you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows or music videos while you work out.
Redesign a natural course, create a new environment.
The RoadRun-i features an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 chip that lets you connect your tablet or smartphone and make your treadmill compatible with a range of apps, offering multiple interactive training options.
Kinomap gives you access to the whole world from the comfort of your own home.
For a more realistic experience, the app synchronizes incline and decline functions.
Simply select a video, press Start and follow the map at your own pace!
Use your iLog and record key stats after each workout.
Share your runs on social media.

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Brand DKN Technology
Manufacturer SKU 20309
Color grey
Color Grey
Size 188x90x141 cm - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
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